Thursday, July 12, 2012

"Progressives" Need To Address The Lies And Cover-Ups Of 9/11

Jon Gold

Updated: 10/12/2012

Recently, I have started to talk to the "progressives" in this country about addressing the lies and cover-ups of 9/11.

In a talk I gave in Fresno recently, I said that "progressives" were afraid of losing their "pulpits" if they address the 9/11 issue.

I'm sorry, but this selfish reason is the best explanation I can think of as to why they don't (or, I could say that they are paid shills for the CIA, etc… but I'm not a "Conspiracy Theorist"). The lies and cover-ups of 9/11 are so glaringly obvious that when someone who supposedly stands for truth, justice, and accountability doesn't address them, I have to ask why.

As I said in my talk, the media has worked very hard to make anyone that questions the official account of 9/11 the equivalent of a dog torturer or a baby killer. Losing one's "pulpit" because of being painted with the "9/11 Truth Brush" is the best explanation I can think of.

Years ago (before the media had a chance to have its anti-9/11 Truth campaign), MANY "progressives" were supportive of the cause for 9/11 Justice. People like Howard Zinn (RIP), Michael Badnarik, Medea Benjamin, David Cobb, Daniel Ellsberg, Janeane Garofalo, Stan Goff, Thom Hartmann, Rob Kall, Cynthia McKinney, Ralph Nader, and many others. This is no longer the case (with few exceptions for sure).

I was told today that "Social justice, anti war, environment, political reform = 1 movement. (And all doomed to fail, until everyone involved learns that fact.)" I think this person is right.

I have been VERY supportive over the years of the movements for Anti-War, Occupy, Civil Liberties, Bradley Manning, Rape In The Military, the BP Oil Spill, Palestinians, Healthcare, and many others. How many in those movements can say they regularly point out the lies about 9/11? Not too many. This needs to change.

People are still dying because of how that day is being used. Liberties are still being destroyed because of how that day is being used. There are still family members that have to watch the names of their loved ones used to do all of these things, all the while not knowing what happened that day or who was ultimately responsible. The lies and cover-ups of 9/11 are just as relevant today as they ever were.

I'm not asking "progressives" to say that "9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB!!!" I'm not asking "progressives" to make 9/11 THE issue for them. I'm not asking "progressives" to play nice with these people. As far as I'm concerned, telling people that "we were lied to about 9/11" is good enough for me. Especially when discussing the "War On Terror."

When the media doesn't do its job, it is up to those with a voice to use it.

The reason I have been so supportive of all of those different movements (including the ones that aren't directly related to 9/11) is because to me, it's a "no brainer." The 9/11 Card needs to be taken away. The killing needs to stop. I can't think of any faster way to do that than by taking away the justification for it. To "progressives," this should also be a no-brainer.

Truth be told, if "progressives" did start speaking out about the lies of 9/11, their popularity among the people would probably soar.

Please do what you know in your hearts is the right thing.

Speak the truth, even if your voice shakes.


  1. Well said Mr Gold. I don't think anyone who was paying attention during that time or after could say that they believe the official version is completely accurate. There are far too many unanswered questions for this matter to be allowed to rest; thank you for not letting them fade away

    1. Mr. Gold and Ms. Sheehan,

      You are both true American heroes! I have studies 9/11 for about 6 years. Popular Mechanics magazine are liars! I can't tell you both how much admiration I have for the both of you because it takes courage to speak out about such a sensitive subject especially in the US where there are so many fearful quasi-informed people who want to paint you with certain labels. God bless you both!

    2. Mr. Gold and Ms. Sheehan,
      You are both true American heroes for speaking the truth about 9/11 when so many ill informed people in the US are creating an environment that makes speaking about this issue very difficult. God bless you both!

    3. Sadly, there is a string of lies going back before our lifetimes, lies that will never come to light. Andrew Jackson's Trail of Tears, JFK's assassination, Waco.
      Will America rest until the Warren Commission is debunked? Yes.
      Will America survive Dick Cheney?

    4. A complete investigation into 9/11 is key to bringing about all the beneficial changes Progressives say they support. Wish the American Left, such as it is, (and much of the Right), would wake up.

  2. Mr. Gold,

    9/11 is the Litmus Test. If you can't or won't see that 9/11 is the place where the brave and less-brave part, consider yourself one of the less-brave.

  3. Hi Jon,
    I'm a progressive and I've been desperately trying to open as many eyes and minds about 9/11 as I can.

    I actually had someone tell me that he didn't believe the moon landings but he believes 9/11.

    It's depressingly sad how ignorant and cowardly Americans are.

    But I keep trying.

  4. And the "Commission" -- determined that 9/11 was the result of a "failure of imagination." This is unacceptable given the research provided by the Jersey Girls, among others.

  5. someone needs a smack in the head..

  6. I think the 911 arson/murders IS "THE ISSUE," because it's at the foundation of everything else and is used to justify every additional tyranny, day after day after day.

    I understand why some people are too terrified to face it, but face it we must. We owe to those who died that day, to bring the killers to justice. We owe to all those who literally fought for the freedoms we've now pissed away. We owe it to our children, who will ask what ever happened to "liberty and justice for all," and the Bill of Rights -- and we owe it to ourselves, so when our children ask us that question we can answer, "We saved them for you."


  7. 9/11 was an inside job. There, I said it, and my voice didn't shake at all. I am a scientist by nature, and the science does not support anything but the use of thermite.

  8. Well said. I almost always bring up 9/11 in any political discussion I am having and am told, "What does that have to do with {whatever current event story we are discussing}?" Or "Get over it, that was twelve years ago." This is from people who are open to the idea of 9/11 being an inside job. As for the sheep who would fight to their graves that its not, they are helpless souls. I try not to bother with them anymore. A third grader should be able to see that three buildings being demolished from two planes makes no sense. A third grader who hasn't been brainwashed thoroughly yet anyway.

  9. Thank you for the reminder that we have to go back to Square 1, Mr. Gold. You are correct. Because of the obvious story-telling about what happened on that day, everything afterwards has been based on those LIES. And it is getting worse. We are getting molested before boarding planes -- and now trains. I will say it, too. 911 was an inside job. No doubt in my mind -- but they had help because it was done too perfectly. But treason it was.

  10. Wow, the 9/11 truther movement still exists?

    1. You obvoiusly haven't read (or are incapable of comprehending) the page above your post.

  11. I agree with Spartacus Jones that 9/11 (which to my
    eyes, from day one, was a CRIME: premeditated mass murder and willful destruction of property on a massive scale, coupled with immediately executed and precisely --and officially-- coordinated destruction of the evidence of the CRIME) is the foundation on which all the subsequent atrocities our government has committed have been built.

    Jon has repeatedly stated that 9/11 was a CRIME. I would add (as I did in a letter to a friend the week after 9/11), that " it was a CRIME and it needs to be treated as such." There is no statute of limitations on murder.

  12. Mr. Gold and Ms. Sheehan,
    You are both true American heroes for speaking the truth about 9/11 when so many ill informed people in the US are creating an environment that makes speaking about this issue very difficult. God bless you both!

  13. Not everyone is as brave and truthful as you are.. sadly so.

  14. Hi Jon,

    I can't get around two central issues.

    1. Foundation funding has ties to CIA, indirect, but they are there.

    2. Five Mossad agents arrested on the afternoon of 9/11 (after celebrating the impacts at the World Trade Center and taking selfies) certainly holds the potential for some very, very, very, very, very let's say "politically significant" repercussions.

    My feeling is #2 trumps the rest.


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