Saturday, January 19, 2013

Not All "Truthers" Are Equal

Jon Gold

On December 14th, 2012, a horrible tragedy took place at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut. Adam Lanza walked into the school and fatally shot twenty children and six adult staff.

Some of the teachers did everything they could to protect the children, and they are heroes. People like Victoria Soto, Anne Marie Murphy, Kaitlin Roig and others.

One of the things that happened after the shootings, as it unfortunately often does, was that "conspiracy theories" about the attacks started to spring up.

In April 2009, I wrote an article that addresses the practice of saying every horrible thing that happens is a "conspiracy" entitled, "The Boy Who Cried Wolf." I wrote:
Over the years, there have been many horrible things that have happened. The Beltway sniper shootings. The Virginia Tech shootings. Currently, we have the "swine flu" scare. Each time something like these events happen, there is ALWAYS someone screaming "false flag terror." This "practice" hurts what we are doing in the 9/11 Truth Movement. If people say that EVERYTHING. is a "conspiracy," then no one will believe us with regards to 9/11. In my humble opinion, it would be a good idea for people in this movement to stick to 9/11, and everything related to it. This is, after all, the 9/11 Truth Movement.
After the shootings occurred, I denounced people that were calling it a "conspiracy" within hours of it happening. The world is a chaotic place, and sometimes, shit happens. I called out people like Gordon Duff and Jim Fetzer who said it was an Israeli operation.

I called out people who were saying the victims family members were actors because they didn't act as "grief-stricken or hysterical" as they thought they should. When I was the Emcee for the Treason in America Conference, I had the pleasure of introducing 9/11 Family Member Bob McIlvaine. Before I did, I remember that I was talking with someone and smiling. The minute I started to talk about Bob, I started to tear up. In other words, I went from normal to teary almost instantly. I think it's wrong to suggest the victims family members are "crisis actors." I think it's disrespectful to say the least.

When Abby Martin did her piece for "Breaking The Set" denouncing the practice of saying everything is a "conspiracy," I PRAISED her, AND I took the two pieces she did, and made it into one video for people.

The practice of saying everything is a "conspiracy" helps to discredit those trying to bring justice for real "conspiracies" and/or crimes.

Want proof?

How did the corporate media deal with these "Sandy Hook Truthers?" Well, there has been article after article denouncing them. Anderson Cooper did an entire segment on them.
They have been portrayed as "dangerous," "mentally ill," and on top of that, they have been compared to "9/11 Truthers."

According to the corporate media's depiction, "Sandy Hook Truthers" and "9/11 Truthers" are one and the same. This depiction now hurts those fighting for justice and accountability for 9/11.

I would like to be able to say that "9/11 Truthers" haven't been peddling the "Sandy Hook Conspiracy," but unfortunately, that is not the case. MANY "9/11 Truth sites" have been peddling it. I wish they didn't, but I can't control what other people do. I can only control what I do, and as I showed above, I was not part of this bandwagon.

Many other advocates for 9/11 Justice weren't either, but you wouldn't know that from the corporate media.

Now, the corporate media has spent YEARS making a "9/11 Truther" or "truther" the equivalent of a baby killer or dog torturer. This latest attack isn't a surprise. However, it doesn't help.

I think people should question EVERYTHING they're told. However, you should do so responsibly and ethically to the best of your ability. Stating that a tragedy is a "conspiracy" within hours of it happening is not being responsible or ethical. Especially if you do it publicly. Especially if you have a large audience. It sure makes certain people money though, doesn't it?

I hate the term "truther." I coined the original term "9/11 Truther," and I am saddened at how it has been portrayed. The lazy corporate media and "debunkers" shortened it to "truther," and now it is what it is. That's why I now say I am an "advocate for 9/11 Justice."

You can read about it in my book "9/11 Truther: The Fight For Peace, Justice And Accountability." Never judge a book by its cover (or title).


  1. Jon... thanks for your essay: I would have responded when I first read it elsewhere just now, but other website editors for some strange reason have filed me away with a select band (sic) of typers who may be aloud to share creative thoughts on 9/11 Truth but who are definitely not aloud (taking the example in your article here) to share thoughts on the truth about the Sandy Hooker

    There's very good reasons (connected with telling the truth, BTW) for "saying the victims family members were actors"

    The reasons are totally and directly related to the publicly-available EVIDENCE

    If the evidence of 'acting' is not obvious, check the volume of videos on Youtube (PM me for suggested links - there are many displays of genuine faked/acted Hooking emotions, some well-done, some abysmal)

    If you want to call me a '9/11 Truther' just 'cos I've known for a decade that 9/11 was an Inside Job and 'How It was Done', that's okay... but please believe me: I am NOT a Sandy Hook Truther (or whatever you wanna call me) because of my vocal stand against the 9/11 Fraud.

    I rant and rave FOR Sandy Hook truth simply BECAUSE the evidence of effing-phony phaking S-H phraud is blatant, in-yer-face, and totally-supporting that Sandy was every bit as much perpeTRAITORed as was 9/11

    Do I have to apologise to every parent who 'appears' to be grieving after 14 December at Newtown?

    NO - spelled en oh!

    Check the videos carefully (in some cases the titles alone are a giveaway) check the acting academies and check the bios. You will discover WHO the real person behind the camera character really is: in one case there is a link right up the chain of useless eater as far as Maurice F Strong FGS. (If that hallowed name doesn't frighten your wits, don't be cynical about them, Google the idiot and you might begin to get my drift....Bigtime

    When-not-if your reading/researches reveals what in hades I'm on about, THEN you will even discover the link to the Truth about 9/11

    PM me if some more guidance will help your S-H researches: until then ponder this contrarian (and supremely-appropriate) angle:

    There has been to my knowledge NO public evidence, let alone publicized guarantee, in the case of a 'Sandy Hook' parent who has lost a child, that the child is in fact deceased. I say IF (and okay, only IF) the child IS in fact still alive AND/OR if the parent has been told something we don't (need to) know.... then that parent MAY be metaphorically gagged, unable to say a word for very-real fear of her child's life.

    If you were that parent and you'd read my tirade, would YOU want me to shut my big typing mouth? Or would you (however secretly) be cheering me (and a million others demanding tPTB tells US what really happened) to expose the whole corrupt crime seen?

    If you think I exaggerate beyond the wildest limits of sanity, you have NOT even begun to examine the real evidence in the public domain

    Even I have no private access....

  2. We are, all of us, entitled to our opinions. We all, however, must understand that, should we wish to convince others of the truth of our stance, links, evidence, supporting corroboration all must be present in our public position on the matter.

    Mike, I do not seek to denigrate you in any way but nowhere in your post is there any such evidence presented. It is simply not good debating technique to reference obscurities and expect the reader to do all the work in support of your personal opinion. If you are of the opinion that obvious facts exist in support of your contentions then it is really up to you to link to them and explain why these links prove your points.

    With all due respect,


  3. RickD - sorry, ol' bean.... I don't mean to be unfriendly but if I were to even start to present the case for the opposition, there's so much stuff, it might be smart bloggery for Cindy Sheehan personally to call me out and/or suggest an outline for the article(s) that would be required.

    You surely don't want to even start me on 9/11?

    MUCH better to read Dr Judy Wood... for at least two very good reasons.
    (1) Judy is THE number one world expert... nobody, but NOBODY, asks smarter questions....despite any detractors unable to read past her folksy language, and
    (2) There's a blindingly-obvious 9/11 question (Was the Pentagon Plane Photo Shopped? Or was there absolute-zero EVIDENCE of any Boeing even touching the Pentagon in the picture?) which I didn't start asking until early 2002. Dr Wood STARTED investigating 9/11 at 8.30 a.m. on 9/11/2001 ... she began asking questions as the faked planes were in free-fall mode skittering across (y)our telly screens.... including one plane so blatantly fraudulent that any half-competent aviator could SEE it was flying at such a high speed that a real 767 would have distingrated before it reached a velocity 150 MPH SLOWER

    The fat fingers also heavily printed all over the Sand Fook Fraud, they are even more blatant .... the perpeTRAITOR shows every sign that the sill bugger actually EXPECTS US to discover their fraud ....and they go out of their way to plant faked evidence of their faked conspiracy...and that's a FACT

    If you're intending to screen a faking video and you made a few errors in shooting/production/scripting or whatever, would YOU post all your outtakes, bloopers and blunders ALL OVER the internet?

    Of course you wouldn't EXCEPT and UNLESS you wanted your audience to know something incredibly sophisticated but understand the low cunning in a manner that would achieve what your MINDERS demanded (and paid for)

    If you really want MikeR and RickD to argue (preferably with their armies of truthers and youtubers and all with extreme verbosity and abject insults to foment as much antagonism as possible - which certainly doesn't BEGIN to reflect my wishes or intentions, far from it), you would INTENTIONALLY skew your video shooting to create confusion and you would add all sorts of false-phony shots and info, to distract attention from your genuine errors

    That is EXACTLY what the Sandy Hook production teams have done... and no doubt, done to order.

    The nass-shooting drill is arranged and going on a mile away at the exact-same time as the address you've given your all-world audience: your news media air scenes of that drill, exactly timed to coincide, as the alleged shooting is taking create confusion as to which was which. It's more than just in case there is one person stupid enough to really believe the drill just happened to coincide.-

    Did you ever notice how ALL these false flag events, even including the canned Operation Northwoods 1962) they ALL arrange a drill to cover as the flag is falling to half-mast?

    However, the evidence is ALL OVER youtube, you hardly need me to list the 75 vids I've checed... so I will recommend you start at the top and listen (audio, not a lot of vid) to Max Igan's superb summary: he also has an optimistic pointer towards the what-to-do-next future

    If you absolutely insist on grabbing more of me, best way is to follow other people's very good work I post at

    And feel free to 'like' my page ....

    MarkZ wants all the SEO kudos he can get :-)

    Auckland, NZ

  4. I agree with you, MikeR. Here's my blog post about the incident:

    Don't you think it's suspicious that there were all these donation sites cropping up *immediately after* (if not before) the actual shooting? Somehow I kind of doubt that's the normal, immediate reaction people have when their friends and family have been murdered.

  5. Fetzer is disinformation, as is Webster Tarpley. They outed themselves by pitching space laser weapons destroying the WTC. Do not accept anything they say.

    Disinformation Killed 9/11 “Truth”


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