Sunday, September 15, 2019

Comprehensive Healthcare or Continuous Warfare? (SOAPBOX PODCAST SEPTEMBER 15, 2019)

September 15, 2019

Guest: Margaret Flowers
Popular Resistance

Topic: Fund Comprehensive Healthcare, Not Warfare 

March on the Pentagon sponsors regular informational Community
Events, our recent event was with Dr. Margaret Flowers who has long been a proponent of medicare for all.

The US spends over a trillion dollars a year on warfare and 
imperial maintenance, but bring up the idea of a compassionate healthcare plan, the powers that be freak out.

Listen to the special Soapbox Audio at the above media player, or 
watch the youtube below.



Monday, September 2, 2019

The Future is Local w/Guest: Helena Norberg Hodge (SOAPBOX PODCAST 9/2/19)

Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox
September 2, 2019

The Future is Local*

Guest: Helena Norberg-Hodge
Topic: Localization v. Globalization 

Helena Norberg-Hodge


Helena Norberg-Hodge is a pioneer of the new economy movement. Through writing and public lectures, she has been promoting an economics of personal, social, and ecological wellbeing for four decades.

She is a widely respected analyst of the impact of the global economy and international development on local economies, agriculture, and cultural as well as personal identity. She is a leading proponent of “localization,” or decentralization, and was awarded the Arthur Morgan award in 2017, and the prestigious Goi Peace prize in 2012 for contributing to “the revitalisation of cultural and biological diversity, and the strengthening of local communities and economies worldwide.”

Since 1975, she has worked with the people of Ladakh, or “Little Tibet,” to find ways of enabling their culture to meet the modern world without sacrificing social and ecological values.  For these efforts she was awarded the Right Livelihood Award, or “Alternative Nobel Prize.”

Helena’s seminal book, Ancient Futures has been described as “an inspirational classic,” offering guidelines for a better future. Together with the film of the same title, it has been translated into more than 40 languages, and sold over half a million copies. She is also the producer and co-director of the award-winning film, The Economics of Happiness.  Helena has written numerous articles, essays, and book chapters, and is the co-author of two groundbreaking  books on food and farming: Bringing the Food Economy Home and From the Ground Up: Rethinking Industrial Agriculture.
Helena has lectured in seven languages at numerous Universities including Oxford, Harvard, Melbourne, Tokyo, Stockholm, and Munich - and was Regents’ Lecturer in the Energy and Resources Group at the University of California, Berkeley. She has also taught regularly at Schumacher College and appeared in broadcast, print, and online media worldwide, including MSNBC, The Times (London), The Morning Herald (Sydney), and The Guardian.

The Earth Journal counted Helena among the world’s ‘ten most interesting environmentalists,’ while in Carl McDaniel’s book Wisdom for a Liveable Planet, she was profiled as one of ‘eight visionaries changing the world.'

Helena is the founder/director of Local Futures and The International Alliance for Localisation (IAL).  She is also cofounder of the International Commission on the Future of Food and Agriculture, the International Forum on Globalisation, and the Global Ecovillage Network. She is a member of the Global University in Hong Kong.

Local Futures works to renew ecological, social, and spiritual wellbeing by showing the way towards a genuinely sustainable future - one of interconnected, localized economies. At the same time, the organization’s wide-ranging programs examine the economic root causes of today’s crises — from unemployment to climate change, from depression and anxiety to loss of biodiversity. The non-profit has worked in countries all over the world, including the UK, the US, Mexico, Italy, Australia, India, Thailand, Bhutan, South Korea, and Japan.



Monday, August 19, 2019

Rage Against the War Machine Planning Meeting August 22.

Rage Against the War Machine
Planning Meeting

Thursday, August 22


Our sub-committees will be coming together to give reports to the larger committee.

It's preferable to login by computer so we can share documents.

It's very easy,  just click the link below.

If you must call by phone, the number is also below:

You have created a conference call!
August 22, 2019 at 3:00PM (PDT - US/Pacific)
Ways to Join
Go to: 
or just call 707-605-0735 . No PIN needed.



Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Gun Control Begins at the Pentagon (MoP Community Conference Call: 8/18/19)

Gun Control Begins at the Pentagon

You are invited to join March on the Pentagon and our special guest activist extraordinaire and Advisory Board member
Ann Wright*

for our montly Community Conference Call

Our topic will be the phenomenon of gun violence 
in the USA domestically tied in with the overwhelming
violence displayed by the U.S. war machine around the world on a daily basis.

Ways to Join
or just call 707-605-0735 . No PIN needed.

*Ann Wright is a Colonel (Ret) in the Army Reserves and
a retired diplomat from the U.S. Department of State.

Ann travels the world connecting with other activists to
try to end this military madness. 

From her Wiki page:

"She received the State Department Award for Heroism in 1997, after helping to evacuate several thousand people during the civil war in Sierra Leone. She is most noted for having been one of three State Department officials to publicly resign in direct protest of the 2003 Invasion of Iraq. "

CLICK ON #BadAssBillie for more information on
March on the Pentagon

Sunday, August 11, 2019

The USA is Over-due for a Do-Over by Cindy Sheehan

The USA is Over-Due for a Do-Over
By Cindy Sheehan
Since its inception over 243 years ago in a hot meeting room in Philadelphia, dripping with testosterone, the idea of any kind of democracy or equality in the USA  has steadily eroded  to where, today, those promises are all but non-existent.

First of all, the Founders were a pack of human-owning, indigenous-slaughtering elites that forged a new society that would, of course, benefit themselves: where the top would stay firmly at the top and the bottom would be conditioned to believe in the American dream of easily attainable wealth and power.

Secondly, there would really be no middle in this corporation called the United States of America—-there would be “lesser-elites” and “greater-poor" to keep everyone fighting with each other over the crumbs that fell from the marble tables of the oligarchy.

When another member of this diseased and demented oligarchy was selected to be the new “leader” of this country following rules of the constitution that were designed to keep most of us out, but get people like him in, many were very surprised.

Of course, the preference of the imperialists and capitalists was Hillary Clinton. The First Female President™ would have able to keep the masses as blind as The First Black President™ did. Her Hillaryness would have been very adept at proper decorum and complete sentence construction while she presided over the further transfer of wealth from the bottom to the top and bombed even more brown people in other countries than her predecessor.

Not that Donald Trump is NOT presiding over these things and worse (not quite separating as many families at the border as Obama was able to and with impunity), but what the regime of Donald Trump has been able to do is stick it right in the faces of the people and has also gotten in some jabs in at the system while he has been at it.

What is to be done about these systemic cancers that have spread out of control and threaten the very existence of life on this planet? Should we workers and activists keep on going the way we have been going hoping that the God of America will swoop in at the last minute and cure us? This would be like a heavy-smoker thinking that his lung cancer can be cured by smoking more cigarettes every day!

We recently witnessed an extraordinary event in Puerto Rico, where hundreds of thousands of puertorriqueños took to the streets of San Juan (and tens of thousands around the world in the diaspora) to demand the resignation of its corrupt governor.

These people in the streets of San Juan were not all far leftwing sovereignty campaigners and socialists, but a wide cross-sections of puertorriqueños who have had enough with the corruption of their government and joined together to demand a people’s recall.

Now, that this uprising was successful, it’s the job of those leftwing sovereignty campaigners and socialists to lead these ordinary people into a funnel that will also demand an end to US colonialism there. Only when Puerto Rico is free from the blood-stained boot of U.S. colonialism will the people of the long-misused island be able to take matters into their own hands for the good of this generation and the future!

I do not demand impeachment of Donald Trump, because that would only give us the rightwing extremist Pence and I don’t have any confidence in the dimwitted and complicit Democrat party to even affect that reformist change, anyway.

To save the planet from the devastating effects of climate change, war, and economic destruction, it’s time for a People’s Do-Over of the United States of America.

Do Trump and Pence have to go? Of course, but so do Nancy Pelosi and her ilk. U.S. militarism must be put on notice that its wealth and resources will be redistributed to the people of the U.S. for positive programs like healthcare and education.

The Trump regime has predictably expanded the Obama/Bush/Clinton (etc) wars and has increased the vicious policy of imposing crippling sanctions on countries that have the audacity to believe that they are sovereign and don’t have to put the interests of the U.S. before their very own.

However, we cannot rely on the same people who got us into this enormous mess to clean it up. Despite the rhetoric of some of them, the current crop of Democrat candidates for President are completely useless for those of us who want socialist revolution. There’s no hope there. There’s no hope that the top will give up voluntarily the stranglehold on our lives that they have claimed from the beginning.

We need to join forces as did those in Puerto Rico in a people’s movement for change. Get Trump-Pence out, but then, we socialists and peace and social justice activists need to funnel that energy into the same movement that is burgeoning in Puerto Rico and elsewhere—the end of oligarchical colonialism here in the USA!

Everyone reading this is invited to join me, our comrades, and March on the Pentagon for October 11-13 in Washington DC for Rage Against the War Machine. We need the masses to join us to demand an end to the Trump-Pence cancer, but not to stop there until the total system is transformed into one that works well for all of us.

A healthy U.S.A. means a healthier world.

The website for Rage Against the War Machine is

P.R. Not Another Fake C.I.A. Color Revolution (SOAPBOX PODCAST 8/11/19)

August 11, 2019

Guest: José Soler

Topic: People's Rebellion in Puerto Rico

This week, Cindy chats with Puerto Rican sovereignty and loabor activist José Soler.

José enlightens us on the U.S. domination over its colony
Puerto Rico and how the people there are joining together across
political and social lines to demand accountability in Puerto Rico and to separate from U.S. colonialism.

Jose A. Soler


Puerto Rico governor resigns as promised; successor sworn in


Women & Femmes Leading The Puerto Rico Protests On Their "Permanent Revolution"

By Raquel Reichard


Compañeros fundadores de COSODIBO (Coordinadora de Solidaridad Diaspora Boricua) Jose Soler, Papo Castillo, Jesus Mangual (Actividad en Springfield, MA. 2 de agosto de 2019 - Foto de la compañera Angela Estrada)

Fellow Founders of cosodibo (Coordinator of solidarity Diaspora Boricua) Jose Soler, Papo Castillo, Jesus flail (activity in Springfield, ma. August 2, 2019-Photo by colleague Angela Estrada)


Puerto Rico uprising & FBI links ‘conspiracy theories’ to domestic terrorism (E1018)





Sunday, July 28, 2019

Rage Against the War Machine Planning Committee Call Info (Sunday, August 4.)


Sunday, August 4

TIME: 12 noon, Pacific

2 pm, Central

3 pm, Eastern

We will be talking about current plans and brainstorming
for the weekend of
Rage Against the War Machine: Oct. 11 & 12

We will also kick the various committees into gear.

Anyone who is interested in the end to the US Empire and for peace is invited to join us on this call.



Ways to Join

Go to:  


or just call 707-605-0735


No PIN needed.


Monday, July 22, 2019

War, what is it good for? A conversation with Robbie Martin and Cindy Sheehan (March on the Pentagon)

March on the Pentagon Presents
"War What is it Good For"
Our Monthly Community Conference Call

With Robbie Martin
Podcast & Video Producer, Writer)
Cindy Sheehan
Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox