Sunday, November 17, 2019

Restore Democracy to Bolivia! Interview with GrayZone Journalist Ben Norton (RECORDING)

November 17, 2019

Tired of corporate media bullcrap?
For March on the Pentagon's Monthly Community Conference Call, Cindy Sheehan and other members welcomed The GrayZone journalist Ben Norton to speak about the real situation regards the military coup d'etat in Bolivia that occurred on 11/10/19.

This is a "must listen" interview, but only if you want the absolute truth.

Ben Norton


Sunday, November 10, 2019

Another US-Backed Coup in Latin America: Restore Evo to Bolivia! (Soapbox Special Report 11/10/19)

November 10, 2019

A Soapbox special report on the anti-democratic situation in Bolivia that is currently unfolding.

GUEST: Dakotah Lilly.

Listen to get the real scoop on the newest US-backed coup.

Evo Morales DID NOT resign, he was forced to leave at the "urging" of the Bolivian military.

Support Evo and the people of Bolivia!



Viva, Evo!


September/October 2019
Main Articles:
The State of the Union Under the Trump Regime
on Labor Day 2019
The USA is Long overdue for a do-over
Cindy Sheehan


Sunday, November 3, 2019

PG & E is Making California a "Shithole Country" by Cindy Sheehan

PG&E is Making California a “Shithole Country”

The Kincaid fire in Sonoma County is near where I live, but we are not inundated with smoke like with the Paradise fire.  However, much of Vacaville was without power or wifi for days on two separate occasions, in October. Ironically, despite the punitive power shutoffs, PG&E's aging and poorly maintained equipment probably caused the Kincaid fire. 

PG&E has for decades spent money on executive bonuses, salaries (, donations to individual campaigns and lobbying ( and to conservative sides of propositions in California (such as same-sex marriage and labeling GMOs---against both). So, what if they spent all these millions in repairing their equipment so they can provide power (at a premium) with those who are forced to use that power being assured of a reasonable expectation of safety.

Last year around this time when PG&E burned down Paradise, California, killing dozens and destroying a perfectly fine community, my community was living under a deadly blanket of toxic smoke. Even going out with a mask on (if you could find one to buy) was not sufficient and I know I, for one, got really ill from it. 

We sit in our homes with the wind beating the shit out of us wondering when it will be our community burning down and these power outages are not helping anything. Between power outages and people dying, of course, there’s no choice, but there are other options that need to be put into place quickly!

As we know there are no power “needs,” only power “wants,” but under late-stage, predatory capitalism, the criminal profiteers have made it nearly impossible to live/make a living without power. 

When businesses are closed, most of the workers are not making any wages. I have read of restaurants losing thousands of dollars of food while we residents of the dystopian PG&E-fiefdom also lose freezers filled with leftovers, etc. My son, for example, was off for a week because the office of his employer is near the Kincaid fire and many of his colleagues have been evacuated or are under the threat of imminent evacuation. Again, no work, no pay---except for the fat cats in Sacramento or in the boardroom of PG&E. 

Recently, PG&E President and CEO Bill Johnson was interviewed by a reporter from an SF Bay Area news show and when asked about the cost to Californians of these outages and fires, he very arrogantly had this to say: 
"These events can be hard on people, really hard on people, particularly people who have struggles anyways and there are community-based things you can do, food banks, these kinds of things. But for us, you know the main thing is we didn't cause any fires, we didn't, for these people we didn't burn down any houses, the Kincade fire is still under the investigation, I got that, but one of the things we did was give them the opportunity to actually refill their refrigerator 'cause their house is still there."

There are many disturbing factual errors in the above statement, but the hubris of telling we rate-paying peasants to go to "food banks" to restock our freezers (is PG&E donating millions to these mostly heroic food banks?) is heightened by the fact many PG&E board members are compensated in seven-figured packages.

 Governor Gavin Newsom is offering no solutions except to say, “this has been decades in the making,” and that scoundrel belongs to one of the top Democrat families that (along with the Feinsteins, Jerry Browns, and Pelosis) have allowed PG&E to lay siege to the public commons so that a handful of murderers can earn millions of dollars. PG&E has been allowed for far too long to pillage and poison California! Enough is enough, already!

Besides the discussions of how to “get off the grid,” the positive thing about this entire situation is that ordinary people (not activists, not anarchists, not socialists, not communists) are outraged and no one is complacent about this. I hear, “PG&E’s equipment should be seized by each community and we should form our own utility districts,” from the most surprising sources: my bus driver; two older gentlemen I was walking behind at the park today; a librarian: no one is complacent. Also, there is much discussion about breaking up monopolies and political dynasties, which is urgently needed.

In my opinion, these power outages seem to be random and ineffective, with power out on one side of a street, but not the other---with power out in interior clumps of Vacaville, but not other areas---and, like stated above, the Kincaid fire was caused by faulty PG&E equipment---so I think PG&E is punishing Northern California for finally fining it for the devastation caused in Paradise, after raising our rates, of course. PG&E is trying to turn my beautiful state into one of Trump’s “shithole countries.” The next thing we know the Clinton Foundation will be swooping in to “save us;” goddess, that’s all we need!

Of course, catastrophic climate change is playing a role in the new season in Cali, called “Fire Season,” but there sure would be far fewer fires and damage if PG&E had been attending to its equipment and not its profits. 

Public power should not be for-profit but should be put under the democratic control of each community with the goal of providing safe power and the exploration of alternative forms of energy.
I don’t know anyone in my town that is itching to burn it down for a few dollars.


"Only the people can save the people" (Soapbox Podcast 11/3/19)

November 3, 2019

Guest: Dakotah Lilly

Topic: People Power in Vz and the pathetic state of the puny "left" in the U.S.

Dakotah Lilly

This week, Cindy welcomes back our good Soapbox friend Dakotah Lilly and they chat about their affection for the late Hugo Chavez and their hope in popular people power in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Also, how can we here in the belly of the most vicious beast on Earth create positive change when we can't even overcome factionalism of the fractured left? Any dissent from the dominant paradigm of "identity politics" is immediately attacked and dissenters are wrongfully labeled as "fascist."

Anyway, listen to the interview for more information on these topics!

Click this image to listen to the Soapbox Interview with Hugo Chavez



Monday, October 21, 2019

Speaking Truth to Empire w/Dan Yaseen (October 2019 Edition)

On “Speaking Truth to Empire” on KFCF 88.1 independently owned and locally operated since 1975 in Fresno, Dan Yaseen interviews David Swanson, an author, activist, journalist, and radio host. He is the director of  He is the author of several books. Swanson has spoken on a variety of topics related to war and peace all over the United States and in many countries. He blogs at and They will talk about an anti-war conference called ‘NoWar2019 Pathways to Peace’ that took place on October 5 and 6 in Limerick, Ireland organized by World Beyond War.

Friday, October 11, 2019

It's a Beautiful Day to Rage! (March on the Pentagon Press Release)

For Immediate Release



Emma Fiala:

Where: Meet at the White House 
(Lafayette Parkside)

When: 11 Am
(10 Am for poster making; Civil Resistance Training) 

After 18 years that the U.S. has been in Afghanistan, in a war that never should have taken place anyway, today is the day that activists from all over the U.S. will gather in the nation's capital to Rage Against the War Machine.

Building upon last year's successful "Women's March on the Pentagon," antiwar activist Cindy Sheehan and many others will take to the streets of D.C. to Rage Against Trump at the White House; Rage Against Sanctions at the I.M.F.; Rage Against the Democrats at Farragut Square; Rage Against Think Tanks at the Atlantic Council; Rage Against War Profiteers at Booz Allen Hamilton; and finally, Rage Against the Corporate Media and the 1% at the Washington Post.

Cindy Sheehan, speaking from Washington D.C. had this to say about the strategy of marching through D.C. on a Friday, "too many times, I have come to D.C. and marched on a weekend, where all we were doing was shaking our fists at empty buildings and performing for tourists. On a Friday, we may not be able to gather as many people with us to protest, but we will be able to hit the Beast where it counts and reach out to workers and citizens who may not otherwise be seeing the entire picture of what this Empire does to people."

For more information go, please click on the Mascot for March on the Pentagon, #BadassBillie


Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Two Days Until We Rage (For Immediate Release: March on the Pentagon Press Release)

October 9, 2019

For immediate release:

Two Days Until We Rage!

CONTACTS:     Cindy Sheehan

                           Emma Fiala

Where:              The White House; 1600 Pensylvania Ave

Date:                  Friday, October 11th

Time:                 11 AM

Who:                Activists from all over the US who are outraged by                            the continuing wars and devastation wrought by the
                         USA and its allies in war crimes.

What:              An unpermitted march through the seat of violent
                        imperial power to Rage against the institutions, 
                        people, and corporate power that make the wars and
                        other oppressions possible.


Please read this statement by Black Alliance for Peace about Rage Against the War Machine.

Watch interview of Cindy on Mintpress News

Listen to this interview of Cindy on Loud and Clear




Monday, October 7, 2019

Rage Against Trump, the Democrats and the War Machine October 11th and 12th (For immediate release)

March on the Pentagon Presents
Rage Against the War machine 
Anti-Imperialist Revolution Summit

When: October 11th and 12th

Where: Various Locations in Washington, DC

                         Emma Fiala

This Friday, October 11, at 11 am, activists from all over the country will gather in front of the White House to Rage Against Trump and Republicans and then begin an unpermitted march through the streets of the "Belly of the Beast" where they will march from location to location that represent the "worst of the worst" of organizations/corporations that support the US War Machine.

Since the US War of Terror began 18 years ago with millions of deaths and lives destroyed, "Peace Mom" Cindy Sheehan, whose oldest son Casey was killed in 2004 in another illegal and immoral US war for profit and resource control, is once again calling activists and other concerned humans to join her in demanding an end to the US war machine.

As alternative media and peace activist Mnar Muhawesh from Minnesota recently wrote: 

Some 2.7 billion dollars per day. That’s how much the U.S. government will spend next year to prop up the military and the more than 800 bases it maintains in over 70 countries. The U.S. military also drops a bomb every 12 minutes on foreign countries most Americans can barely make out on a map. That money is more than enough to pay for four years of college for every college student in this country, to fund food stamps and other social safety nets that help our most vulnerable including our veterans, and to fund programs that would cut fossil-fuel emissions by 40 percent by 2035.

Despite this, there has been an utter failure by both the media and grassroots activists to address the growing waste and greed of the military-industrial complex. The several millions of victims of our war machine pay theis heavy price and their voices are censored by the media.
An estimated 4 million people just took part in worldwide climate strikes that put the issue of climate breakdown at the forefront of the media conversation. Missing from this conversation, however, is an analysis of the role militarism and empire plays in driving the chaos. The U.S. military is the world’s largest polluter and emits more carbon dioxide than a hundred countries combined.
Now is your chance to speak up and join the anti-war movement. Let's rage against the war machine together October 11th.
The day after the march and rallies, MoP is presenting the Anti-Imperialist Revolution Summit at St. Stephen's Episcopal Church in Mount Pleasant at 1525 Newton St NW from 11:30 to 9:00 PM.

More information about both events is here. 

If you'd like to interview Cindy Sheehan, or anyone else involved, please email the above contacts!

BadAss Billie
Mascot of March on the Pentagon