"Metrics" by Cindy Sheehan


Cindy Sheehan

Here is a partial exchange between ABC’s Christiane Amanpour and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in regards to the multi-billion dollar war-funding bill recently passed by Pelosi’s Democratically controlled House of Representatives:

CA: "Now you didn't vote. I know the speaker doesn't have to vote. But how would you have voted?"

NP: "Well we brought the bill to the floor. And that was a statement that said that we knew that our troops needed to have ... would be provided for them. So we will never abandon our men and women in uniform. On the other hand it gave our members a chance to express their view. How does this figure into our protecting the American people? Is it worth it?"

CA: "Is it worth it? Is it worth it?"

NP: "That is the question," Pelosi replied.

CA: “But that's my question to you.”

NP: "Well we will, as I said, we will see the metrics as they unfold in the next few months.”

Planet Earth of the Real People to Queen Nancy of the Robber Class—can you use some of your husband’s millions to buy a clue? We here down in the class that does the fighting, killing, and dying while you and your buds do the profiteering, don’t quantify human loss as “Metrics.”

My son, Casey, was not a “Metric,” nor a stat that you can blink away with your plastic eyes, Nancy. He was a man that loved his family, animals, WWE, and Jesus. He served at his parish at Ft. Hood as an usher and Eucharistic Minister until your ilk shipped him off to die. I cry everyday for him, but you wouldn’t know anything about that would you, Nancy? Your children haven’t enlisted to be damaged in the wars of your class have they, Nancy? Your sons and daughters sit in their comfortable mansions far removed from your “Metrics” of war.

Queen Nancy, I received an email today from someone who was with my son when he was killed over six years ago and I can’t stop crying because pain dripped from every word. He apologized for emailing me, but he says that he can never stop thinking of Casey and that day. He didn’t want to cause me any more “pain,” but he felt like he needed to reach out before he exploded himself.

But you, Nancy—you don’t even know the kind of pain you are causing all of the “Metrics” in the world, do you? The mothers in all the parts of the world that we are bombing, or helping other people to bomb don’t even enter into your rarefied society. We wouldn’t want to spoil your dinner parties/DNC fundraisers at your estate in Sonoma County, now, would we?

You looked me right in the face in September of 2005 and with crocodile mist in your eyes (do you use Vicks Vaporub for your fake, tears like Glen Beck?) you told me that if the antiwar movement helped Democrats get elected, you would help us end the wars. You are nothing but a cold-hearted liar and I am ashamed that the first female Speaker of the House is nothing but another lying, calculating, and callous politician.

It’s beyond tragic that the power you wield so carelessly hurts so many people. You don’t deserve the power you have stolen with your money and your cruelty and if anything positive comes from your reign of terror, I hope it’s a working-class Renaissance.

How "beneficent" you are to "provide" for our troops by keeping them fighting and dying in these Ruling Class-less wars. This is personal to me Nancy, and I hope my fellow members of the working-class also realize how personal your wars for Empire are to them, too.


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