Thursday, March 17, 2011

Barack-a-lujah! I Have Seen the Light! by Cindy Sheehan


Thanks to the helpful feedback I have received over these past two, or so, years, I have seen the enormous error of my ways.
I used to be against ALL wars and the use of violence, but (and I must admit a little confusion on this one, at first) now it seems that I am against wars, acts of war, and violence ONLY if a Republican is president. Now I understand with perfect clarity that it was good to protest Bush—and if the US-UN resolution against Libya was done when Bush was president, it would have been wrong—but now it’s “compassionate.” I must admit, I was a little shocked to find out that the US actually commits compassionate acts and, again, silly me—I thought most acts of war and war were for profit. I realize that only a jerk (or racist) would think that now. I have repented.
I cringe with embarrassment when I think of the wasted years imagining that there could be any other way to solve problems without killing more innocent people! It’s okay to bomb Libyans to save Libyans (or Iraqis to save Iraqis; or Afghans to save Afghans; or Yemenis to save Yemenis, etc) because a Democratic president who has been given the cover of the UN Security Council may bomb them. Yep, it’s all starting to make sense. With all the continuing conflicts, imagining a world without war was starting to seem useless—and now I know it was! Phew!
This is another kooky idea I had—that the Security Council of the UN oftentimes, if not always, bowed to the will of the global oligarchy—or should we say, OILigarchy. I chuckle, because apparently that notion was either dead wrong, or was just a fact of life up until January 20, 2009.
Here’s another mistaken notion that I labored under all these years: Torture is inhumane and a war crime. Up until just last week, I thought the US torture camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba should be closed and that military tribunals should not resume—but President Obama signed an executive order to keep Gitmo open and resume military tribunals. Wow, it’s like from almost one day to the next, torture and illegal, indefinite detention became acceptable practices.
Pssst—since I am in confession mode, I want to, with a red face, confess something else. Please, I hope you laugh with me and not at me, but this is so hard to admit. I thought I learned that US citizens were to be arrested only with reasonable cause, given their due process, and THEN punished if found guilty. I must admit I still thought that was wrong earlier today, but when I was (not so) gently and repeatedly reminded that we have a change agent as president, the scales fell from my eyes and now I get it! If Barack Obama (D) thinks that a US citizen needs to be executed without a trial or even a handshake, then by golly that person must need to be killed. Barack Obama (D) is a Constitutional scholar after all and I am sure his interpretation of the Bill of Rights is the correct one. Who am I to argue? What a relief—thinking is so unnecessary and hard!
Now the skeptical, old and ignorant Cindy Sheehan would have thought that the US was only concerned with the regime in Libya “killing its own citizens” because Libya has large crude oil reserves, but that was before I reflected on the fact that Barack Obama (D) has told us that offshore drilling and nuclear power is safe! Like my new hero, Barack Obama (D) keeps saying, we do need to “reduce” US dependence on “foreign oil,” but not before we kill as many people as we must to get all of that oil. The old me also would have thought that we needed to entirely eliminate our dependence on petroleum and petroleum products all together, but if Barack Obama (D) says it’s safe, that’s good enough for me!
I just hope the people of Libya realize that it’s way more of an honor to be killed by a US bomb then by a Libyan bomb and what an honor it is that the US is paying attention to their internal strife, because we don’t always do that—we like to pick and choose—and Libya, it’s probably just a coincidence that we choose YOU because you have oil. My country would never do anything wrong when a Democrat is president and I will forget history, too, because I don’t need it anymore.
I also must admit that I used to spend a lot of time worrying about Pfc Bradley Manning being incarcerated and tortured at Quantico for allegedly dumping info about US policy to Wikileaks. Now, I believe that if he did that to my wonderful president, he must deserve the treatment he is getting. Manning, that traitor, is lucky President Obama (D) hasn’t just decided to drop a Hellfire missile on him from one of those righteous drones he loves to use! Additionally, if Obama (D) says that Manning’s treatment is “appropriate,” I believe him now. Worrying about Bradley was keeping me up at night and now I wish I had the money back that I incorrectly donated to his legal defense fund so I can send it to the Committee to Re-Elect the President.
The old axiom is true! Confession is good for the soul!
I hope with this confession and subsequent penance (10 Our Fathers, 20 Hail Mary’s and a pledge to vote Democrat for the rest of my life) that I am accepted back into the fold of the Democratic Party. I will also voluntarily swear to uphold healthcare for profit and to love Wall Street, the war machine, and the bankers with all my heart while detesting working people and those people who want to “kill Americans” for absolutely no reason.
In Obama I trust. What a relief! Having a conscience is very isolating.
Let’s Party with a capital D because if I can CHANGE, then there is HOPE for everyone and anyone else who are still lost wandering nearly alone in that wilderness of integrity.
Come home!
War is Peace!
Freedom is Slavery!
Ignorance is Strength.
2 + 2=5


  1. Sensors detecting sarcasm captain.

    I had a lawyer from the law society of upper canada(ontario) tell me that he thinks slavery is A-OK! In fact he encorouages people to become properly owned by the government--->

    The post is time stamped at;
    Arouet » Wed Jun 27, 2012 1:42 am
    6th post from bottom of page... ENJOY!

  2. Cindy your a nutcase and a Beatnik

  3. Your the best Cindy, but you shouldn't rip to hard on health care. I'm really poor and I hope that Obama care will give me and other anti-war activists a chance to get the knife wound democrats put in our backs looked at.

  4. Hi Cindy, I think Obama is a mere human with all the usual strengths and weaknesses. I don't really have trouble imagining that if, somehow, you could speak with him (or his wife) privately, you might hear about how people who seem to have a certain set of ideals and morals have to compromise and trade off their principles, when they are in a role like president of the United States. If there were some way to guarantee him your confidence, that you would keep private what he said to you, and you learned what made him do the things he's done that you object to... Well maybe you would be able to target your efforts more effectively. I also think he would have to agree that your attack on his decisions is the right thing to do. It shows that you are true and loyal to actual moral questions and ideals, not content to be hidden inside the "Big Tent," from which he emerged. I doubt he liked everything that goes on inside that tent. He might say with real sincerity that for you to be outside that tent is the most brave, courageous and best thing for you to do in honest service to ideals that he admires. This is what I would like to think, anyway. Wish we had a political system that were different, that allowed more diversity i.e. not this sanitized, head-nodding bunch of bicameral CRAP. Wish we had ways to reform healthcare, so that the best way to do it were not what it actually, truly is at this point (emulate Canada.) Where there are huge flows of money, the benefactors naturally fight against any attempt to interrupt their income. They are scared to do anything different. All that said: That your love for the son you lost has led you to where you are now is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. I admire your work and your persistence and dedication. Your example certainly makes me feel better about my country than watching Obama get remade by the role he has taken on, and the forces around him that make it happen. You are inspiring people, maybe more than you can see any evidence for. Thank you for your ongoing sacrifice toward a better nation for me and my children. For you health, please also take a little time to recognize that there are some good things happening. The world's largest solar thermal power plant just went online in your great state. Our country! love

  5. Hi Cindy - I just posted this for a friend.
    He responded by asking "whatever happened to Cindy Sheehan, that crazy lady?" Funny thing is, I used to think you were crazy too. I told my friend that you ran against Nancy Pelosi, and that the media no longer had any use for you now that you'd turned against both parties. Maybe if a Repub wins in 2016, you'll be back on the map. :-)
    Seriously, you protested Obama's Nobel in Norway!?! I just found that out today. Good for you!.
    I am not a socialist, but I am with you that both parties are a problem. I used to be 95% on the Repub side of things. While I still believe many of the same things, I realize that the GOP doesn't, they just pretend to. Just as the Dem Party doesn't believe in what they brand themselves as to gain their supporters. I've also come over to your side on a few issues, perhaps the biggest being how our govt. acts in terroristic ways around the world. You once said GWB was worse than OBL and I couldn't understand how on earth anyone could ever say that... other than simply partisan blindness & rage. Now I see it.
    What began to help me see was taking a 2nd look at JFK assassination in 2012.
    I'll e-mail you offline, if you ever come to Minnesota I'd love to meet you.
    Peace - Brian
    God bless you, your whole family, and may Casey be seeing the face of God.


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