Monday, April 25, 2011

One Wedding and Unlimited Funerals by Cindy Sheehan

I guess I must be a glutton for punishment because I just snapped off CiaNN in frustration and anger for about the 5000th time.
Yesterday, I was treated to Candy (“I never met a warmonger I didn’t love”) Crowley fairly gushing with bloodlust over her three warmonger, kill Qaddafi, bomb the shit out of the Libyan people, guests—Republican Senators: Lindsey Graham (R-Closet); John McCain (R-Mordor) and Joseph Lieberman (R-Tel Aviv {okay, I know that Lieberman is technically an "I," but he out Republicans Ronald Reagan in every instance}). (Wow, even I got lost in that last round of parenthetical statements.)
Anyway—if one has an insatiable thirst for institutional violence on a massive and very extravagant scale—like Miss Crowley—then whom else would you have on your program to talk about the US/British/NATO war crimes in Libya? Certainly not Cindy Sheehan, Cynthia McKinney or Dennis Kucinich? Heck no, if one of us were interviewed on CiaNN, we may actually tell the truth about what’s really happening in Libya and the tiny cat’s paw of doubt may begin to creep into the minds of the average consumer of CiaNN’s “All war, All the time,” news-o-tainment.
Today, the airwaves are all atwitter about the impending ROYAL WEDDING! The CiaNN mouthpiece for everything establishment—(sorry it wasn’t Candy, but I don’t know what her name is, but does it really matter, anyway?)—was interviewing some British talking-twit who could hardly contain his spittle of excitement as he fairly swooned over the impending nuptials of William and Kate (plus 8?) and opined to the CiaNNer that, even though the “subjects” are facing “harsh austerity measures,” EVERYONE in Great Britain is salivating over the prospect of a ROYAL SPECTACLE.
Really? I remember a few months ago, Will’s dad, the sad-sack Charles, and his wife, the inconceivable, Camilla, left a Robber Class to-do on Regent (irony?) St in London, and their limo was pounced upon, rocked and stoned by a group of students protesting the steep increase in school fees after they recognized the Royal Scandals. The film of this incident shows, not a frightened Chucky and Cammie, but a highly insulted and shocked (“We are not amused”) royal couple!
England, along with Greece and France, has been ground-zero for the increasingly militant protests against the savage global austerity measures being put in place to protect the vast fortunes of people like Great Britain’s Royal Family—(give me a break—appropriate their assets and put them in public housing in Liverpool—the only thing giving them “special” status is the accident of their inbred births) while putting the rest of us into increasing income insecurity.
I am sure there are some people in Great Britain who want to see a Royal Spectacle—even those in the class that suffers directly because of the Royal Scandals—I know this because a large percentage of the population here in the US think that the Robber Class deserves their own special obscene perks. Weddings, like Princess Chelsea’s, that cost in the millions instead of the hundreds like ours, are celebrated, not raided. Princess Chelsea held a $1500 a plate reception and people who could pay three months rent with one plate of Clinton swill defended this Robber Class excess!
Then there are the King and Queen of America who don’t find anything amiss with taking expensive vacations with their Subjects footing huge portions of the bill, while unemployment is still at Depression-era levels, and when the Subjects, who are lucky enough to have jobs, can’t afford even a “staycation.” When the Obamas took their first $50,000/week vacation in 2009 on Martha’s Vineyard, I was incensed and expressed it (as is my custom). One male Imperial Subject asked me, “Cindy, where do you expect him to stay? A Motel 6 in Orlando, Florida?” My answer was, “Hell yeah, if it’s good enough for us, it’s good enough for them.”
Besides the fact that I will get sick to the point of vomiting over the Royal Scandals’ new Royal Spectacle this week, Great Britain and the USA are involved in three major shooting wars which are killing many people (and, ironically, being famous for dropping Hellfire missiles on Arab wedding parties) in parts of the world that are resisting being made Subjects to the collaboration of the Robber Class of these two countries.
The only coverage we will see on US Lamestream Media about Robber Class violence is existentially supportive—and I do mean “existentially,” because the Robber Class Media has every intention of lining its own pockets with the booty that war brings!
The only solution to the ills that plague us from this global bourgeoisie is a peasant’s (working-class) revolution—and the only way we will ever see one of those is if we stop being co-dependant with the very people who welcome our extinction after our usefulness to them is used up.
If you don’t believe me, all you have to do is do a little research into worldwide attacks against education AND the elderly
Closer to home, King Bush “misunderestimated” his “mandate” to privatize Social Security, so the US Branch of the Global Robber Class had to install a more sympathetic puppet who has a “free pass” from “liberals” who think any criticism of the new King is “racist.” This meme comes mostly because of the fraudulent, yet convenient, Tea Party Society.
King Obama is getting away with far more than John McCain (R-Mordor) ever could have.
Here in my state, California, a group of us are planning to March On and Occupy Sacramento protesting the savage austerity measures being placed on our state’s most “vulnerable” beginning on Worker’s Day, May 1st.
More information can be found at Strike California!

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