Monday, June 20, 2011

Starting the next 100 with a BANG!

So away . . We go . (again)! We done good, boyz and grrls! We put 100 shows out in our first life. Now for the beginning of our second trip around the block.  This Sunday (June 19th), Cindy once again presents two superb guests: Laura Wells and Nance Parry. Articulate, focused and forceful, Laura Wells was the 2010 Green Party candidate for governor of California. She has a plethora of good ideas for digging CA out of its self-generated self-entrenching fiscal rat-hole. Naturally, they're not considered "serious" enough for general circulation and discussion, at least along the ruling class party lines of Democrat and Republican learned opinion. Note: you just might want to listen to Laura explaining these ideas to Cindy. (Heartedly recommended!)

Cindy's next guest is a woman who wrote what's best described as "A handbook (re: harassment) for anyone working on any job." Learn all about her vitally-needed and empowering leading-edge publication here. Nance Parry now makes a living as a writer, but she had a professional acting career for fourteen years. That career ended when she had three sexual harassment lawsuits - she sued her employer (a television network), the actor's union, and the harasser (a Stage Manager on a popular soap opera) - and won all three suits. It taught her a great deal about the law, where sexual harassment is concerned, as well as - to quote the title - how to avoid, handle and litigate over sexual harassment - IF and when necessary, which unfortunately is far too common. (It's better to be prepared, rather than to be sorry!)

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