The Sign-On Letter to Barack We'd Like to See

The “Sign-On Letter” We’d Like to See
Dear Barry,

We have signed numerous letters to you calling for you to do numerous things that many of us would like to see you do—including, but not limited to:

  • Institution of a National Single-Payer Health Care system
  • Bringing US troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan
  • Quit bombing Pakistan with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Drones)
  • Not bomb Libya
  • Free Bradley Manning
  • Ending of the use of nuclear technology for energy
  • Investigate the Bush crime cabal
  • Investigate and punish those responsible for contaminating the Gulf of Mexico
  • Denouncing US sanctions against Venezuela
  • Not to reauthorize the illegal and immoral USA PATRIOT ACT
  • Not to resume military tribunals in Guantanamo
  • To close Guantanamo
  • Rapidly develop a zero carbon economy
  • End unconditional US support of Israel in its immoral occupation of Palestine (including withholding over 3 billion dollars/year in foreign aid).
You’ve made it pretty clear in the last two and a half years, however, that you don’t have to listen to principled criticism of your actions from the “left.” You and members of your administration have very blatantly accused those who dare to challenge you from the left side of the political spectrum as either “crazy” or “on drugs.”

It’s funny (sad) that you continually pander to, and simultaneously blame, the political fascist, racist right when its policies are violent and economically oppressive to the working-class. On any (every) given day that means your political decisions are, yes, violent and economically oppressive, ecologically destructive, and socially irresponsible.

Barry—we aren’t begging you to do anything, and our letter carries no clout because we never supported you and we never intend to support you; rather, we just wanted to write this to let you know that we aren’t buying the Imperial BS for which you are currently Head Salesman.

We want to let you know that there are a few people out here in the realm who see you for the fraud that you are.

Oh, the Emperor does have clothes, all right, but they are the lederhosen of a marionette cheerfully and willfully dancing for his corporate puppeteers.


(Anyone who would like to sign on to this letter, please send an email to: with your name and a short identifying remark)

Cindy Sheehan, Grieving mother and admitted idealist

Gregory Vickrey, Board Member, Peace of the Action

Dorothy Reilly 

David Baldinger

Pegg Rapp

Nancy Jakubiak, Clarksville, In

Matthew Koob

Jerry ClapSo Avissato

Anna Marie Stenberg, Grandmother who is ashamed to be an American

Missy Beattie, Board member of Peace of the Action

Elizabeth F. Kaplan, 

Don DeBar, Ossining, NY

Jon Gold, Advocate for 9/11 Justice

Heather Harman, Mother and Human Being

Malcolm Chaddock, Member, Veterans For Peace Ch 72 Portland, OR

Cory Morningstar, Climate Justice Advocate

Larry Maxwell

David Swanson, author of War is a Lie


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