Friday, August 12, 2011

Revolutionary Communities or Bust by Cindy Sheehan

From August 19th to the 30th, Cindy Sheehan and three military veterans will be beginning a bus (runs on bio-fuels) tour from Eugene, Oregon to Fresno, California and back up.

The purpose of the tour is to re-energize the grass roots initiative, Re-Creating Revolutionary Communities, and we have many stops along the way with exciting events planned.

The following is a list of the dates and places the RevComs or Bust tour will be stopping; for more info on the events in each community, please email:

Gordon at:

Sat, Aug 20th:             Eugene, Oregon

Sun, Aug 21st:             Hood River, Oregon

Mon, Aug 22nd:          Newport, Oregon

Tue, Aug 23rd:            Free day

Wed, Aug 24:              Free day

Thu, Aug 25:               Arcata, Ca

Fri, Aug 26:                Garberville, Ca

Sat, Aug 27:               Fresno, Ca

Sun, Aug 28:              Free Day

Mon, Aug 29:            Free Day

Tue, Aug 30:             Sacramento, Ca


Recent events in the U.S., which amount to financial terrorism by the elite, have demonstrated that Democracy with a Capital D is officially DOA, and We the People can face a scary future assured that we will survive, because we can build communities that foster peace, health, the environment, and prosperity.

In 2009, I toured the nation with my book, Myth America, advocating for such communities--they were urgent then, and necessary, now.

Hope to see you out on the tour!

Please donate to help us with fuel, and other expenses!

Or send a check/money (made out to Peace of the Action) order to:

Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox
PO BOX 6264
Vacaville, Ca 95696


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