My heart is very heavy as I write this--in three days (Sept. 21), people around the world will be commemorating International Peace Day and the state of Georgia has scheduled the execution of Troy Anthony Davis.

There is much evidence that Davis is not guilty of the murder, with the majority of the witnesses recanting, or saying undue pressure was put on them.

However, the guilt or innocence of Davis is not the immediate point, whether he is guilty or not, our nation has no right to execute anybody--whether here in the US, or in far away places. Is the state so bloodthirsty to take other lives because it hates competition and wants a monopoly on murder?

I saw the mother of the slain police officer on the news today and my heart ached for her as she thinks that executing Troy will bring her some "peace." As the mother of a murdered son, I really don't think more death brings peace. I have been told by people like Hillary Clinton, John McCain and John Q. Public that my son's death must be avenged by murdering more people to "honor his sacrifice." I would love to realize justice for Casey's murder and the murder of millions of more people killed by my country, but even if someone did go on trial for Casey's murder--a monster like Dick Cheney, George Bush, or Donny Rumsfeld--I still wouldn't clamor for their executions. I am not a barbarian like the US Empire. Vengeance is not justice and I don't think anything good can come from it.

Please click this link for more information on Troy Anthony Davis and make as big a stink as you can for clemency. I know this state is not known for its compassion, but we must be loud and clear about our feelings.

Even though we have a great show this week with anti-nuke activist, Michael Leonardi talking about the victory in Italy and the planned national day of action here on October 1st, it may also be a good time to listen, or re-listen to the show I did with my guest, anti-death penalty activist and actor, Mike Ferrell--please click this link for the archived show.

Go to at 2pm pacific time today (or anytime thereafter) to listen to the show with Michael Leonardi and how you can find out if there is an anti-nuke action planned near you on October 1, and if there isn't, how you can perhaps plan one.

Love & Peace
Cindy Sheehan


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