Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Blue Bloc and Other Oppressors

May 27th on the Soapbox!


On Sunday, May 27th, Cindy Sheehan will be interviewing long time peace, justice and political activist, Debra Sweet, who is the National Co-ordinator of World Can't Wait AND Rage Against the Machine guitarist, Night Watchman, 
Tom Morello.

Debra and Tom were in Chicago for the anti-NATO protests and share their experiences.

A lot of emphasis has been on the Black Bloc being an instigator of violence (even from the "left") and Cindy coins the phrase "Blue Bloc" to describe the police--the Armed Forces of the 1%, because 99% of the time, the
Blue Bloc comes dressed for a riot and are armed and dangerous.

Listen to the show at 2pm Pacific Time at
or anytime after at the

Tom and Cindy in June 2008 (San Francisco)

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