Sunday, August 19, 2012

Comments From The "Statement For 9/11 Justice"

The following are some of the comments left by people that signed the "Statement For 9/11 Justice." If you haven't signed it, why not?

"9/11 Needs a new investigation bigtime! Im from Ireland and my family and friends know 9/11 was something other than what we were told. It just dosnt make sense. Bring these criminals in government to justice! People of America, and the world deserve the truth!"
"It is the RIGHT thing to do to investigate the events of September 11 2001 properly and with full disclosure! We need the truth."
"I want this lie ended. I want the people who have lied to us held accountable for their lies. And i want the people who have covered up their lies, and who have refused to have them held accountable to be held accountable themselves. We (the U.S.) have murdered and slaughtered hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of innocent people based on the lies of 9/11. THERE IS *NO* JUSTIFICATION FOR THIS POST 9/11 WORLD."
"The truth will light the darkest chasm and resurrect our democracy."
"A failure of imagination???"
"A real investigation with subpoena power will truly serve the families who have suffered since 9/11, prevent future attacks, endless war and a dark future. Thank you for supporting this today."
"It is hard to know whether the US gov's rejection of accountability, transparency and even the pretense of justice for its leaders and corporate paymasters will ever spark a remedial revolt, but this is certainly a decent place to start."
"It's way past the time our questions be answered."
"No justice, no peace."
"Please have a real investigation of 9/11. Our country has been hijacked."
"A lie is like an open wound. Truth is the sunlight that heals that wound. A REAL investigation into the events of 9/11 is definitely needed."
"The people of the world deserve a quality, independent, exhaustive investigation into the events relating to 9-11. What would be the harm in that?"
"Time for accountability and justice."
"We have a RIGHT to the truth. Not only have we been denied the truth--we've been told STUPID LIES. The biggest lie is the idea that we must surrender our liberties in order to gain safety. Surrendering your rights DOES NOT grant safety--in fact--it does the exact opposite."
"We really do need to take a look back and find the truth. For all of the misery that has come in the aftermath of 9/11, we need to root out the truth and hold those complicit with the events of that day accountable. This will only come from the bottom on up, as those at the top do not want to look back and see the truth; just as they don't want to be held accountable for their record."
"The citizenry deserves to know truth."
"Please, let's get a real investigation of the real questions. This web of deception gets more tangled every day with pre-emptive wars and lies."
"This country will heal only by telling the truth."
"Been saying this since the minute the second plane hit. I knew then that something was very very wrong and nothing that I have learned since has dissuaded me from the belief that the official story fed to us by the Bush administration is all lies. The insane policies of our government will not end until there is accountability for this crime and the many others perpetrated by the Bush crime family and now by the Obama administration."
"9/11 was a crime and needs to be investigated as such. There is no statute of limitations on murder."
"Of all of the horrors, of all of the frauds, of all of the monumental lies told by the Bush/Cheney administration, this is the greatest."
"Those of us who lost loved ones have a right to the answers to our questions. I DON'T know what happened that morning. I do know what makes no sense. The official story (much of it) makes no sense."
"I agree with former 9/11 Commissioner Bob Kerrey that resolving the remaining mysteries around the events of Sept. 2001 may require a Permanent 9/11 Commission. In particular, the mishandling of intelligence by the Central Intelligence Agency, and the possibility - leaked to the New York Times but suppressed in the joint Senate/Congress inquiry - that men who assisted the terrorists operated "in a complex web of financial relationships with officials of the Saudi government", demand further investigation. After nearly eleven years, the time has come for rational men and women to acknowledge, one does not have to be a "conspiracy theorist" to ask tough questions of our governments."
"An independent inquiry is needed with subpoena powers."
"We have not got anything close to a proper investigation on the events of that day. I totally subscribe to your struggle."
"It's high time the real criminals were brought to justice. Fortunes were made by people who knew this was going to happen and millions of innocent civilians have been maimed and killed in the name of the trumped up 'War on Terror'."
"A new investigation is definitely in order. What else is in order are heavy penalties not only levied against those who perpetrated specific crimes on the day but also those who planned, covered them up or abetted by silence. This will never be possible without significant and sweeping rehabilitation of our political structure which cannot begin soon enough as our society is suffering from end stage greed and might not recover at all; never mind climate change and radiation poisoning..."
"I'm for an independent investigation on an international level that looks at every fact and detail. And let's have it soon."
"We cannot go forward without a full exploration and accountability for 9/11. Truth must out."
"I stand with those who demand a new investigation, with independent authorities, & subpoena power."
"It's about time this day of infamy be properly investigated."
"This is not going to go away."
"It's about time. - no actually it's way overdue."
"I believe the governments version of 9/11 is a pack of lies!"
"As a daily News Blogger and Online Activist, truer words were never spoken - that "there is no justification for the Post-9/11 World." The rule of Law, that encompasses proper criminal investigations, MUST be followed !! No one is above the Law! And if nothing is done more terror will definitely follow, via false flags and the draconian police state."
"We really do need to take a look back and find the truth. For all of the misery that has come in the aftermath of 9/11, we need to root out the truth and hold those complicit with the events of that day accountable. This will only come from the bottom on up, as those at the top do not want to look back and see the truth; just as they don't want to be held accountable for their record."
"Let's stop the madness. 9/11 is a lie, and everything after 9/11 is based on a lie. There are too many facts now that warrants a new independent worldwide investigation. One that has the power to get to the truth."
"The victims families have A RIGHT to know the TRUTH, without continuing the LIE that it needs to remain "classified". Open ALL the documents to the public, and let the TREASON trials begin!!"
"This has to be the most important petition I have ever signed."
"I will not condone the 9/11 cover-up!"
"I have waited for ten years to hear this truth to be told. Thank you."
"For justice and freedom. For our children."

Please sign the "Statement For 9/11 Justice."


  1. Wanting justice for murdered people is not wacky. Defending murderers is. Men like Pat Curley should take a long look into a mirror and ask themselves how they want to be remembered.

  2. There is no justice. There is no freedom. There is no hope. There is no truth. There is only slavery, and death. On your knees, chattel. You will be told what to do. You will do it. There is no honor. There is no integrity. There is no duty. Your life is not your own. Obey your masters

  3. As an Activist/Artivist I believe that official version of 9/11 is an evil pack of organized lies.

  4. The first casualty of war - THE TRUTH! LIHOP or MIHOP are the only two real possibilites.

  5. When we find the truth of, 9/11, and we will, it has the potential to change the world for the better unlike anything ever in my view... We can end living the "BIG LIE" which hurts all of us in more ways than one...


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