Cindy Sheehan On The Wild Wild Left - 9/7/2012

Cindy Sheehan returns to rock it out with us again tonight!

WWL Radio has an exclusive first interview with Cindy, since her decision to actively pull out of her campaign with Roseanne Barr.

We will be talking about the difficulty in bringing the message of Socialism and the Anti-War mentality to this Country, on every level... and the strains our current Political Process puts on you from inside the blender.

Join us!


  1. Hi Cindy just heard you on WWL.Far out!You are so right and make a lot of sense.A 100% tax for high earners.It is still not to late to go town to town with Roseanne and speak on the Peace and Freedom party platform.Two speakers speaking on the subject they know is better than one with limited knowledge one the Peace and Freedom party platform.One person doesn´t have all the answers and knowledge on any one subject.Change can only happen with a well informed citizenenship.You are so right that the Empire is collapsing and imploding ,what happens when it does sends shivers down my spine.
    In peace.John Bell Iserlohn Germany.


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