Sunday, September 2, 2012

What About Obama? by Cindy Sheehan

What About Obama?
Cindy Sheehan
I believe that a woman’s right to reproductive freedom over her own body is an important issue and human right.

I believe that marriage freedom and equality is another important issue and another human right.

At the risk of offending some people (when has that ever stopped me?), I don’t think those issues come near to being fundamental key issues. These and other issues aren’t called “wedge” for nothing. These issues are designed to drive that proverbial wedge between us down here in the 99%, and instead of the GOP calling for Todd Akin (The Legitimate Rape Dude) to throw in the towel, the 1% should be giving him some kind of medal for pounding that wedge in even more deeply.

And actually, between the two major parties, the presidential candidates have stated pretty similar positions in the past on abortion rights and gay marriage. It’s the things that Obama and Romney agree on that what frighten me and should frighten you.

I won't belabor the point about O/R being essentially the same; in this piece I will highlight what I think is important, but Bruce A. Dixon of the Black Agenda Report just wrote a wonderful piece called: Closer Than You Think: The Top 15 Things That Romney and Obama Agree On, check it out!

Obama is no “common man” and he may not be worth as much as Romney, but how many of you have 12 million in assets? Also, Obama has protected Goldman Sachs and John Corzine’s MF Global (and indeed, Corzine himself) from prosecution. Is it ironic or synchronous that while in Charlotte, NC, Obama will “accept the nomination of his party” at Bank of America Stadium? Obama has not been good for jobs, the economy, or workers since he took the helm of this rusty and leaky ship of state. Please, don’t tell me about “obstructionist Republicans.” Obama had a huge majority of Democrats in the Senate and House in the first two years of his term. It seems THEN would have been the time to fulfill empty campaign rhetoric—if it was anything more than empty campaign rhetoric.

Obama has increased military spending since he became Commander in Chief of US Armed Forces; increased troops to Afghanistan by treble; and he has also increased the use of unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones by over 500 percent over his predecessor. I am sure that if Mitt becomes president, those things will continue, but just like under Bush and every Republican before him since Roe v. Wade, Roe v. Wade won’t be overturned.
Besides Obama bombing Libya, Somalia, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and, etc, his use of a “Kill List” and executing Americans without the due process that’s guaranteed to us under the Bill of Rights, the thing that upsets me the most about his regime and the Democrats, in general, is, not only the refusal to hold the Bush regime accountable for war crimes and crimes against the peace and humanity, but how Obama’s DOJ protects them while persecuting people like me for being a war-tax resister and alleged whistle blowers like Bradley Manning who are trying to STOP THE WAR CRIMES.

Recently, two significant things happened: Obama’s DOJ dropped yet another prosecution against war crimes which happened under the Bush stain, this time for the deaths of detainees in custody due to torture by the CIA. Of course Eric Holder’s job is to protect real criminals, not prosecute them.
Then,  Nobel Peace Prize winner, Bishop Desmond Tutu, came out in favor of George Bush and his poodle, Tony Blair, being tried at The Hague for the war in Iraq.
Of course, I have been calling for that for eight years. Accountability is personal to me: I want justice for my son’s death and the death of over one million others. However, I am just a Nobel Peace Prize reject, and I wouldn’t stop there! However, the Nobel Peace Laureate, Obama has carried on the war crimes of the US war machine and his administration should be brought up on charges in The Hague, too.

I am running for Vice Presidency of the US, not because I think Barr/Sheehan 2012 will be victorious, and we will “clean house” in DC (but we would); I am running to challenge some very cores of the Mythocracy of this country: that there is a difference between the Democrats and Republicans or that elections “matter” or are even legitimate. Unfortunately, we will not be able to vote our way out of the mess we are in and socialist revolution is the only way out.

I have seen socialist revolution in action in other countries and I know we can do it here…it will just take a little more sacrifice than walking a few doors down on Election Day to cast your vote for more war, more economic oppression, and more environmental devastation.

Vote for life; vote for Socialism, vote for Barr/Sheehan in November and then roll up your sleeves for the hard, but rewarding work ahead!


  1. Thank you Cindy for helping to liven the political discussions and give people an opportunity to see things from a more humane perspective. Peace and hugs.

  2. Cindy you're an awesome person. Thank you for thinking of the greater good. A friend Ann Wright is also an anti war activist which I admire.

  3. I think you should be the one topping that ticket.
    You don't know the meaning of "quit."

    liberty & justice,


  4. Thank You Cindy for working to restore ethics and remove corruption from those who receive the gifts of the privilege of leadership. You make us All Proud, Thank You Cindy.

    Chris Curpen

  5. I believe in the consistent life ethic. Abortion is just as bad as war. People of peace should be pro-life.

  6. Your full of crap.Bush was a good president.

    1. It's actually "you're" which is the contraction for "you are."
      You're not too bright and you're welcome.


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