A Wonderful Colleague needs help!


Anita Stewart has been my friend for several years, now.

Anita has been working in 3rd party politics as a member of the Green Party for years now and she is dedicated to peace and, as a member of CODEPINK in her home in Florida, she is a tireless worker against the military industrial complex.

Regretfully, she became involved in the primary campaign for the nomination of president for the Green Party for Roseanne Barr as press secretary and social media coordinator. She was promised a certain amount of money and, for whatever reason, Ms. Barr is not only refusing to pay her, but is now also threatening to sue her for "defamation of character," because, due to circumstances, Anita had to go public (read story here) with the information that Barr is not fulfilling her end of the agreement.

Anita is a CNA who has been working in home health care, but the worsening situation in our country regarding health care has severely affected her livelihood. I spoke to Anita last night and she has had an infection in her tooth for weeks, now, and as a veteran, Anita can't even get dental care at the VA. Also, even if the VA did have dental care, it's 50 miles from her home and her car is falling apart and gas (as we all know) is prohibitively expensive right now. As a Green, Anita would love to take advantage of a great public transportation system, but in most places of this country, that does not exist.

Of course, Anita's story is one in millions, but I think it's a horrible shame that someone who has dedicated her life to making the world a better place has to suffer physical and emotional pain like this.

It will cost about $200 for Anita to get her tooth pulled and over $1000 to help fix her car so she can keep working.

I don't have much money myself, but I am going to give Anita $20---if many of us could chip in a little, I think keeping Anita afloat is a good investment!

Anita's PayPal account is:


That is also the email that you can send her comments or questions.


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