Saturday, November 24, 2012

Cindy Speaking at Occupy AIPAC in Sacto on Dec 2

It’s time to expose AIPAC!
It’s time to tell our elected officials to say NO to the Israel lobby:
Sunday, December 2, 2012 ◊ 10:00 a.m.-12 noon ◊ Sacramento ◊ Exact location TBA
It’s time to stop $8 million/day of U.S. taxes going to support Israel’s occupation and warmongering.
It’s time for Congress to say NO to the Israel Lobby.
It’s time to expose AIPAC.

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), part of the Israel lobby, has created an atmosphere of coercion and intimidation in our country’s political system that works for an agenda of endless war, Israeli occupation, apartheid, rampant Anti-Arab racism and Islamophobia.

AIPAC is currently drumming up American support for an attack on Iran, which would cause untold suffering in that country at the cost of billions of US dollars with no conceivable benefit for U.S. citizens.

AIPAC consistently lobbies on behalf of Israel’s occupation of Palestinian lands,
the transfer of more than $3 billion in U.S. taxes a year ($8 million per day) in military aid to Israel and ensuring the diplomatic protection that allows Israel to maintain its illegal settlements and apartheid wall, hold Gaza under siege and engage in numerous
other brutal methods of collective punishment deemed illegal under international law.

The Israel Lobby’s promotion of Islamophobia and anti-Arab racism have created an atmosphere in which billions of American dollars can be used to launch wars in the Middle
East and to enforce a system of apartheid in the occupied Palestinian territories without
Americans realizing the true human cost of American support for war and aggression.

It’s time to defy AIPAC and demand a U.S. policy in the Middle East based on respect for human rights and democracy, not on endless war.

Text Box: Contact information 

 ● Sacramento city officials:
 ● County of Sacramento:

● California Legislature: and 

● Congress: 202-224-3121: -
Contact your city, county, state and federal elected officials and ask them to NOT attend AIPAC’s Annual Membership Meeting on December 2, 2012. Let them know:

• While every representative can listen to points of view and meet in their office with anyone, attending the AIPAC meeting is a public display of support for war and occupation and gives AIPAC respectability and credibility it does not deserve.
• U.S. tax dollars should be used for building up our cities here, not supporting the destruction of homes and farms in occupied Palestine. AIPAC's unconditional support for even the very worst of Israel's policies is directly contradictory to the values of peace and fairness that are best for our city, our country and our world.
• Attending an AIPAC event implies support for AIPAC’s lobbying to attack Iran. We should be actively supporting global nuclear disarmament (for all countries, including the United States and Israel), not threatening others with military action.
• Attending AIPAC events helps build support for AIPAC's agenda and does nothing to advance a just foreign policy based on respect for human rights and international law.
For more info:  Sacramento Region Coalition for Palestinian Rights
Local events:

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  1. event will take place here
    Woodlake Hotel (formerly the Radisson)
    500 Leisure Ln, Sacramento


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