Sunday, February 17, 2013

Blue on Black - The Conversation We Should Be Having about Dorner

It was "the" story for almost a week, yet after the premeditated incineration of him and all evidence by the Police State? The story has all but disappeared. In the immediate aftermath, the predominant memes went from hero to terrorist, with a ton of arm-chair projected mental health diagnosing going on throughout the spectrum of opinions.

What was not discussed at length was the "Vengeance is Mine, sayeth the Lord LAPD" attitude or the careful timeline followed by the pigs and the ever-subservient press.

Two more officers have come forward with complaints substantiating Dorner's experiences; Joe Jones who is no longer on the force, and active duty Sergeant Wayne K. Guillary both claim endemic racism, police brutality and retaliation for attempting to whistle-blow.

The first message is clearly, they will let you be part of the Blue brotherhood, as long as you give up your Blackness. If you refuse to cover up Blue crime? You become sworn enemy.

The second is far more subtle, in a totally obvious sort of way. They didn't tie him to a stake or anything, but we just watched them burn a man alive on public TV. Think about that. That is the new "normalized" in the Police State.

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To start with there were many discrepancies in the story as reporter on the scene Ruth Hull points out. She is not just a blogger, but a former criminal defense attorney and PI. Science, evidence, and FACTS are supposed to matter in our system.

Brett Berens (son of the owner of The Oaks Restaurant on Highay 38) said the truck was flooded with bullets and went down a 20 to 30 foot cliff and crashed. According to PIO Hughan, this all took place in 3 to 4 minutes from when the truck was spotted.

Ok, somehow Chris survived a hail of bullets, a vehicular smash down a cliff, had hostages, then didn't have hostages, lit a fire in the cabin, then shot himself? Seriously?

But in the new America? If you point out these inconsistencies, you are either defending a man who is a "cold blooded murderer of the innocent daughter of..." or a "conspiracy theorist."

I prefer my facts unfiltered by such emotional manipulation.

Lets take the audio.

"Number 3 side, heads up, heads up, we are boarding the 1-2"

This means they were entering the cabin from that side, and did not want to be shot at by their team when moving in.
"Tear that whole wall down, that door and that window, make a big port window for me there."
Ok, they are close enough and in no fear to be tearing holes in the cabin. At no point did they say anything about the suspect... or seem to worry they might be shot at.

Then they discuss what is at the front door, and they confirm its a couple trash bags by a calm officer who is inside.
"The blood spatter's in the far corner, ahh, ya got a couple mattresses laying up against the bed."

Ok, whose blood? Note this is long before the cabin is burned, and the "single shot" is heard that was Dorner's supposed suicide.

"Ok Steve, we're going to go forward with the plan, with the burn."


"I want it, uhh, like we talked about."

This totally negates it catching fire by accident of the gas bombs, or Chris Dorner lighting it himself. It shows premeditation, not just an on-scene reaction from Police in fear from their lives. Chris is either dead already, or gone.

"::Inadible:: the burners are deployed, we have a fire."

"Copy 7 burners deployed, and we have a fire."

Now what POSSIBLE reason would they have to burn a building they have already entered and cleared?

"This was a clean out of a house, where a family member located what appeared to be some sort of RPG round. "

What family member? Huh?
"Not in the tube, placed separately then, just jostled around, now sitting on top of a box. We have direct access (inaudible) want a photo for it for you, or get any other intelligence or do you just want it hooked on the theme and wait for your arrival?"

This speaks directly to planned, planted evidence in my world, but even given a reasonable doubt that some "family member" stumbled across it, the cops have possession of it and are asking how to make it fit the theme. "Like they talked about" prior.

"Remember your back-drops."

A back-drop in street jargon is an unmarked weapon you place on a perp to make your kill look like a good one.

This is what they are waiting for as the spent ammo goes off. They had to make it look like Chris was heavily armed. He ran from a crashed truck, carrying an RPG and a bunch of guns? They really think we will buy this?

Well, yeah, the unquestioning sheeple already have. Evidence doesn't matter in a lynching.

Once they call, the contact fire was staging up, they ask for an engine... then they keep that engine away until the place is fully burnt down.

Now? Suddenly? They report one shot from the residence. A residence they have already retrieved a supposed RPG in, seen the blood spatters, bashed a hole in, and burned.

Note, how that reported "one shot" is different from the thereafter reports of exploding munitions. It has to fit the narrative.
"Stand by, maintain your dicipline."

They all know its over, but they can't act like its over. They have to pretend to be on alert for the "terrorist" that had already been executed for the camera. I'm seriously thinking they must offer acting classes now too.

After discussing the fully engulfed, the officer in charge again holds back the firetruck, until no corner of the building is "vulnerable"? Vulnerable to what? A serious inquiry or seeking of evidence?

In this one... you hear them screaming at someone to get down, then order to "Burn this motherfucker."

Had they apprehended him, then chosen to burn him alive?

Make no mistake. This is not about Chris Dorner's guilt or innocence.

This is about living in a war zone. This is about burning witches, public beheadings, and lynchings. This is about lawlessness of the law-enforcers.

The Onion had a piece called Los Angeles on High Alert as LAPD Back on Regular Duty that told more truth as satire than the MSM does every day of the week on any subject.

“I mean, just knowing they’re out there is terrifying—how can I feel safe when these maniacs are on the loose in my neighborhood?” said a visibly rattled Ashley Stillson, 38, who explained that she strictly observed the city’s advisory to avoid the historically violent, unpredictable predators by going out in groups and avoiding the streets entirely after nightfall. “These guys are volatile and, in many cases, mentally unstable. Something needs to be done about them because I fear for my family knowing these sick people are still at large.”


I have been trying to have this conversation with people. I mean, I have white friends. Lots of them. (heh) But you talk about white privilege to most white people, and they will redirect it to their problems. Male privilege from some white feminist... or reverse racism from a white living in a Black neighborhood. All hate is bad, I dig it. But why can we never talk about SYSTEMIC RACISM without having the conversation be about YOU?

Well, here's a newsflash for you. What is done to the most vulnerable in Society is the canary in the coal mine of the poison entering the system.

If they cannot stand up to the abuse of Black People by the Police, to the tune of 300+ unarmed Black men being assassinated by the Cops last year alone, because they value them as people and citizens? Perhaps the idea that it could happen to them as well will do it. Self-preservation is the most basic of instincts.

Something is not just rotten in Denmark, people... the Occupying forces of Imperialist Capitalism is preparing for a War within our borders.

You have just seen a tiny snapshot of it.

The Press will stand mutely aside, when food riots start, they will cordon off and burn out entire neighborhoods. Collateral damage, baby. Like the children droned to smithereens because they had the bad judgment to be born in Afghanistan. You shouldn't be poor here either. Where is the outcry for the young mother shot in her parked car for stealing a small container of formula to feed her baby?

Its the Street Death Penalty now, and you shall FEAR us, they say.

Think about the Blue-code, codified indeed by law. Killing a cop is worse than killing any other human, because their lives are worth more. Why is that? Surely not because they are better humans, or we are so grateful for their protection from "the evils" - it is to keep people from ever even thinking about protecting themselves FROM the cops.

Suicide by Cop seems to have become some blanket apologia for cops who won't do their job and bring someone in... You argue? You die? You sass? You get beaten. And if you do any of this while Black? We now have public burnings. And nary a peep is heard.

The discussion we need to have is about systemic racism, and that without that racism, there can be no class war, for all class warfare has racism at its root.

The discussion we need to be having is how the number one cause of violence is that racist class war, and the main perpetrators of that violence wear BLUE.

I don't know what Chris Dorner was, or wasn't, or even did, with any certitude. I can no longer believe what information is fed and regurgitated by a press that ignores the above videos and eyewitness accounts and tells us the "story like we talked about" that "fits the theme." Bloggers like Arthur nail it.

Here's the truth I know.

One: The government has always been willing to use excessive force on us, and make examples of a few to keep us in check, and that the brunt of this abuse has been taken by our Black citizens with little recourse. They have just become more overt about it, and like boiling froggies we keep acclimating to it as our new normal.

Two: The system, and its gatekeepers who wear the Blue have always targeted Black People the most. Racism isn't just a few hooded freaks in the woods, it is BUILT INTO OUR SYSTEM at its core.

Three: Trials and evidence are greatly a thing of the past. The pigs make their own kill lists. Those who do enter the legal system are finding out, they are more interested in punishing you and wearing you down so you will not protest than convicting you.

Four: The pigs fear no one like their own, because their dirt and skeletons are so very epidemic. They have been taught to be in the "brotherhood" they must cover for one another, and any betrayal makes Lorena Bobbit look reasonable.

"Burn the motherfucker!"

We watched as this was done, and no one is in the streets. Not over the case itself, but the fact they burned a man alive for revenge. For pleasure. For entertainment.

I guess, it was because it was only "Blue on Black" again...

It breaks my heart.


  1. A disturbing article, and one, in my own opinion, that seeks to make a victim of a murderer. Certainly the LAPD, and many more such police depts. across this nation, are racist and or close ranks to outsiders. There are also incidents of unnecessary violence committed by said officers as well.

    This perpetrator killed four people, including the daughter of a police officer and her boyfriend, and in cold blood. He publicly stated his intention to kill even more as well.

    The work to reform our law enforcement agencies is a noble cause of course, but this article does more to harm that cause than it does to aid it.


    1. RickD

      I really appreciate that you read this blog and comment--you don't know how pleased I feel that people are paying attention.

      However, how do you know that Dorner killed 4 people?
      Have you examined the evidence? Or are you just taking the word of the cops and the media, which we all know lie?

      No matter what happened, it was WRONG to incinerate Dorner, with or without a transparent trial.

      Love & Peace

    2. Cindy,

      Thank you for the honest response, dialogue is so important even or especially among allies.

      I might ask how you know that the police incinerated Dorner rather than him setting the fire himself but that would lead this conversation down a road that runs away from the real issues here.

      Of course the media lies, of course the police depts. and all govt. agencies do as well, I would not dispute that whatsoever. But what reason would there be for this to be anything but what it seems, a disturbed individual brooding about being discharged from the police force resulting in the murder of four?

      As I read this article, and that is the subject here really, I found myself wondering why the left so frequently seems to take positions guaranteed to isolate it from the mainstream. If we are to make progress in advancing a progressive agenda we are going to need allies within the electorate, after all we live within a system wherein the 50% plus one decides at the polls.

      My own opinion about this piece is that it is extreme and actually diminishes rather than advances the importance of reforming government agencies and news media. We must pick our battles with far more tempered judgment and this incident is simply not that battle.

      Mr. Dorner was not silenced for the knowledge he had, nor was he a political figure threatening the hierarchy. He came to prominence as a self confessed one man terrorism wave motivated, not by political cause but by his own demons. We simply, in my own opinion of course, look foolish here in defending this man or seeking to use him as a wedge to reform our quasi military police forces. This is not the right battle I fear and will simply retard rather than advance our cause.

      I thank you for listening.


  2. this is an excellent report, and i'm glad to see it. very good questions are raised. why WEREN'T there any protests going crazy against this horrid waco-style event? or, if there were, somewhere, why haven't we heard about them?

    for one thing, there are TOO MANY outrages going on, and there are too many other propaganda items and distractions happening and being reported ALL THE TIME. (lousy tv! worse- than-all-lousy news! lousy even npr and pbs!) the msm drags us around like they want to. here on the eastcoast, much less reporting about chris dorne, hardly any at all, in fact.

    thanks for this great essay, especially because it's not just from the week of the crime, but now a bit later. we have to NOT FORGET these things, NOT FORGET the victims, hard as that is , also since there are so many victims to remember.
    and your link to arthur silber's report.. "is this afganistan?" is appreciated, too. arthur is gutsy and brilliant, and he questions whether the american people will ALL soon be treated like the military treats people elsewhere.
    are we excited that drones are everywhere now, or what?! will they hum above all of us by the end of this summer?
    there are still more pieces to be written about chris dorne. thanks for this one.


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