Latest Endorsements For The Tour de Peace - 3/28/2013

"I am so in awe of Cindy Sheehan’s perseverance and constant creativeness in devising actions and efforts to raise the public’s consciousness of the costs and horrors of war, war crimes, and war profits—along with the public and private corruption on every level that always accompanies the pursuit of imperialist EMPIRE (or rather as we now call it: “full spectrum dominance”) and which is rotting the U.S. from the inside. Blowback! I have always loved bicycling and even have competed in triathlons since my 40’s. So, even though the “Tour” doesn’t come through Minnesota, I will try to figure out a way to join some portion of it down south. At the very least, I will participate in spirit. If nothing else, I can order and wear the “Tour de Peace” t-shirt in the various Minnesota triathlons this summer and maybe lead a bike ride in solidarity! So go ahead and add Minnesota to the list of states that the “Tour de Peace” is coming through!" - Coleen Rowley, Former FBI Agent, 2002 Time Person Of The Year, 9/11 Whistleblower

"As President Obama, the CIA and the Department of Defense expand American imperialism into other countries, at times with drones - as is the case in Yemen, Pakistan, Somalia and Libya - and in others through funding, such as in Honduras, Syria and Bahrain - it is crucial that we say "Enough is enough. We want Peace, and we want it NOW." The Tour de Peace is necessary, perhaps now more than ever. Please join and support this endeavor, as they carry this message that will no doubt resonate with Americans as well as the world's most oppressed and shaken peoples." - Dustin Slaughter, Journalist/Activist

"I met Cindy Sheehan in NYC (March, ‘06) seven months after my nephew, Marine Lance Cpl. Chase J. Comley, was killed in Iraq. The following day, Cindy and I were arrested at the US Mission to the UN. We became friends, bonded by a shared dedication to peace and justice as well as identical senses of humor, revealed during a sleepover at Lower Manhattan’s The Tombs.

In '07, my husband Charles and I moved to Baltimore. I was unable to participate in peace activities when I became his caregiver. Cindy was always in touch. A year after Charles’s death, she asked me to join her on Martha’s Vineyard (Barack Obama’s Aug. ’09 vacation) to challenge the president’s war policy. I don’t know if Cindy was the first antiwar activist to confront Obama’s continuation of neoconservative carnage, but she certainly was the most vocal, undaunted by the criticism she incurred from “liberals” for staying her own course without regard for Donkeys or Elephants.

I stand in solidarity with Cindy Sheehan as she continues to enlighten the public about the crimes committed by a government whose foreign and domestic policies imperil our planet. As she calls out what is not a democracy but instead is a corporate dictatorship. As she champions all life, not just American. I endorse “Tour de Peace” and urge every member of the peace and justice community to participate and/or make a donation." -- Missy Beattie, Board Member, Camp Casey Institute for Peace and Justice. Writer and Counterpunch contributor.

Many thanks to Coleen, Dustin, and Missy.


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