Friday, April 19, 2013

And Then There Were Cindy Sheehan

And Then There Were Three
Cindy Sheehan

Cindy, near Flagstaff, AZ

Our bike ride across the country, Tour de Peace, is beginning its third week here in Flagstaff, AZ with an event soon.

We began in Vacaville, Ca on April 04 at the grave of my son, Casey, and are planning on being in WashedUp, DeCeit on July 3 to present our demands for peace and justice in the heart of the Evil Empire. 

We began with 7 core riders and supporters on that rainy Thursday morning in my hometown, and after tomorrow, we are down to three.

Interestingly enough (as we follow old Route 66) when we stopped in Seligman, AZ a few days ago, we stayed at the Romney Motel and the irony is, we firmly believe that if Romney were the Emperor right now, we would have dozens of people riding with us, considering the State of the Empire and its continuing crimes against humanity.

Starting today, I am the only cyclist in an action that is supporting the reduction of the use of fossil fuels and the expansion of the use of clean, sustainable and renewable forms of energy. Since we began, the Keystone XL pipeline (FYI to the Environmental Industrial Complex—it’s already been approved) has ruptured and spilled in two US states and the BP oil gusher in the Gulf of Mexico is still polluting, Africomm is expanding into 35 (many of them oil rich) African countries…yet, I ride alone.

Hellfire missiles are raining down on the people of Yemen, Afghanistan and Pakistan, killing hundreds of innocent civilians, and Obama claims that anyone who targets civilians with bombs is a “terrorist” (takes one to know one)…yet, I ride alone.
Bradley Manning and other political prisoners rot in jail only for trying to ameliorate, stop, or prevent the crimes of the US Empire…yet, I ride alone.

Obama signed the so-called Monsanto Protection act which effectively gives the company who gave us Agent Orange, pcb’s, bovine growth hormone, and Roundup, 100 percent control of our food supply and prevents any kind of liability against the evil company’s poisoning of our present and our future…yet, I ride alone.

While your attention has been consumed by the bombings in Boston, top “defense” officials testified inCongress, yesterday, that US troops were being sent to Jordan to invade Syria…yet, I ride alone.

So many crimes perpetrated by the US Empire, but, because the leader of the crime syndicate purports to have a (D) behind his name…I ride alone.

I know it’s not easy to put ones life on hold and strike out on an Epic Adventure of this magnitude—I know because I have done it dozens of times since my son was killed and it’s not easy. I left my comfy bed and four grandchildren because I am afraid for their future if I don’t.

I sleep in my tent, or a strange bed every night, from 20 degree temps to 97 degrees, because I know the sorrow of burying a child for lies and profit and I can’t stand the thought of the terrorism that my own nation is practicing on innocent people all over the world. I miss my grandbabies with all my heart, but who is fighting for all the children of the world? Democrats chalk their apathetic inactivity against the wanton murder up to supporting “humanitarian interventions,” ignorantly siding with the very same arguments given to support the crimes of the previous Emperor. 
 Similarly, Republicans currently have little room to criticize the 4th Term of the Bush Regime. 

It is difficult to ride 50 miles a day, from town to town, spreading this message, but we also feel like we are hogging all the fun. Biking down historic Route 66 gives one the opportunity to see so many wonderful things that are natural, or the manmade monuments to a failing car culture. We have met and interacted with dozens of interesting characters along the way and, even though we are down to three, we feel someone needs to keep shining the light of peace and justice to a population that is being terrorized by its own government.

I will continue this rolling vigil for peace and justice, whether I ride alone, or not; but it would be much better for me, and the children of the world, if this cause for peace and justice got as much support as the one we held in Crawford, TX received, wouldn’t it? It would show our government and the terrorized people of the world that people in the US do oppose what the Empire is about. 

To find out more information about supporting our ride, or joining us for all, or part, of the way, go to our website:


  1. We share your anti-war sentiment, Cindy. We also share your view that our current President is a terrorist. He is as much a terrorist as GW Bush was.) Our Nation, under Obama's guidance, has furthered the BUSH legacy of hatred for America. He has continued taking troops into middle eastern nations to bomb "so-called" terrorist targets, without any thought to who might be around the targets, thus killing innocent men, women and children.

    The Boston Marathon seems to me, to have been a test of how Martial Law will play-out in a large metropolitan city. The people were pretty compliant. They don't do that for serial killers or any other criminals -- they PLANT FEAR in the citizens, then take advantage of it.

    Keep the Faith -- There are those who are waking up.

    In support of Liberty & Against WAR,

  2. Cindy,

    You may be out their riding alone, but there are many of us with you in spirit. We also want to end the Imperialist corporate wars that kill other people's children.

    Please also thank others who have stuck with you. I wish I could be there.

    -bev anslow

  3. You are not Alone. We ride with you in spirit. But our peace vigila are less populated, but looking forward to a mayday heyday in NYC.
    Wish we could see you there and give you the welcome you deserve.

  4. Cindy, I think the people who were with you in Texas have finished using you for "their" cause. Now, you are on your own. That is how those people operate.

  5. Cindy, first let me thank you for your courage and conviction to the cause of altering the course of this nations path. Secondly, if there were thousands riding with you then the ride would not be necessary.

    The fact that, amidst a government of the corporation, by the corporation and for the corporation, with a President who orders terrorist acts around the world, panders to the wealthiest and gives only lip service to the majority, wherein a government refuses to make said corporations pay their fair share instead seeks to tax further those who can least afford more of a burden, burdens our children with less education and more war and destruction, refuses its responsibilities to our nation and our planet your ride is more than necessary.


  6. A nation in denial shall spawn until it dies. Cindy, this is Mike Hastie in Portland, Oregon. I was with you in Crawford, Texas in 2005. Malcolm and Bruce Berry are good friends. Just got through reading your blog about your trip to Dallas, Texass. Speaking of history being good to people, you will certainly be in that category. We all know that the American Empire is dying, and like the Roman Empire, that has to happen in order for the world to survive. Once you become a global citizen, that is so easy to understand. I have been busy working on a photo book about my activism and my experiences in Vietnam as an Army medic. I plan on having about 100 images with lengthy text under each picture. Thinking about calling it: Lying Is The Most Powerful Weapon In War. Just wanted to say, bless you and the bike you rode in on. The anti-war movement would not have been the same without you. You took a lot of shrapnel from the Empire of Coma. Casey is absolutely proud of everything you do. As all of us in the anti-war movement say: There is no rest for the messenger until the message has been delivered. Love Mike


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