Cindy Sheehan on the Mike Malloy Show (May 15, 2013)


  1. Go Cindy Go! Thanks to Mike Malloy for this interview.

  2. I had read a few comments awhile back on your webpage link, and found some who have no idea of how the life of a mother is shattered forever, when having lost a son or daughter in the war..They are the soulless ones that function of the lowest level of humanity. For if one is gifted with wisdom of compassion would only send out a generosity of spirit, to lift you up. I could guess that these same ones wear lapel flags and shout out for the Troops as if it were their own private right to do. Yet in essence become the traitors to the very heart of our country's future. Willful ignorance is the ground where danger sprouts only division. So dear heart peace to you, Cindy... Jude of womenstanding


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