Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Tour de Peace National Press Release

Wednesday, May 8, 2013
Contact: DeDe Miller 562/500-9079 or 916/996-9170                 

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Peace Mom Cindy Sheehan Finishes First Month
of a 3,000-Mile Cross Country 'Tour de Peace'; Began
at Son Casey's Grave in CA & Ends in Washington D.C.

TEXAS – Peace Mom Cindy Sheehan has finished her first month of a 3,000-mile cross country 'Tour de Peace" bike ride for peace, which started April 4 in California at the gravesite and the birthday of her son, who was killed in Iraq nine years ago.

This week, Cindy left California, Arizona and New Mexico behind her and headed into Texas, where she held her peace vigil outside President George W. Bush's Texas ranch to protest the Iraq War.

Thursday (May 9), Cindy and fellow riders head into Oklahoma. In three months she'll finish the bike ride for peace at Arlington National Cemetery and the White House.

 WHAT: The Tour de Peace bike ride across the United States will follow historic Route
66 to Chicago, and other roads from there on to D.C.  Bicyclers will join in for all or part of the tour, which will include public events organized by local groups along the way. 
Complete route:

WHY: This August will mark 8 years since Cindy Sheehan began a widely reported protest at then-President George W. Bush's "ranch" in Crawford, Texas, demanding to know what the "noble cause" was for which Bush claimed Americans were dying in Iraq.  Neither Bush nor President Obama has yet offered a justification for a global war now in its 12th year.  The Tour de Peace will carry with it these demands:

  • To end war
  • To end immunity for U.S. war crimes
  • To end suppression of our civil rights
  • To end the use of fossil fuels
  • To end persecution of whistleblowers
  • To end partisan apathy and inaction


  1. So glad to Cindy continuing her quest for peace. She has a mission and is determined to see it through. Eventually, more people will recognize the need to resist wars before we completely destroy this planet. We don't have much time left, I fear.....Linda in Texas

  2. I am glad the photo of Cindy with Chavez is no longer the first thing to see when opening the blog.

  3. I live in Texas and I think it's great what she is doing :)


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