The Power of Love....(Special Soapbox Podcast)

The Power of Love by Joe Bravo
The Power of Love turns mild mannered mothers into Super Moms; loving cousins into Fighters of "Crime Fighters;" and uncles into one man Justice Leagues. One thing that I know since my own son Casey was killed in Iraq for the lies of Empire, is that we have this secret weapon that the war mongers and police statesmen don't know very much about: LOVE.

One thing I often wonder about is what if George Bush had a loving mother instead of Mrs. IceWoman Sarcasticon? 

What if George Bush had a father that adored him and encouraged his healthy growth instead of assassinating people and starting wars? Well, for one, George Bush would have grown up to be a different man, and my son would probably still be alive. 

George Bush grew up to follow in the horrendous footsteps of his father as a liar and murderer. No one could, or would (Thanks, Plastic Woman Pelosi) hold George Bush accountable, except a Gold Star mother from Vacaville, California. Can you guess why I was able to drop everything and set up Camp Casey in Crawford, TX and sacrifice everything to confront the Empire that kills, maims, or impoverishes millions? Something George didn't count on, LOVE. 

I don't hate George Bush, I don't squander powerful emotions on trash---but I love my son with all my heart, still, and I love all the people put in harm's way because of George and all the war mongering police statesmen. 

My guests for this very special, powerful and important Soapbox are four people whose lives were changed forever when their loved ones were murdered by out of control killer cops and they fight a system that refuses to hold the murderers accountable, or just slaps the killer cop on the wrist.

Learn about their stories, the stories of their loved ones and the inspiring heart-connection they have made to do something that I know is not easy.

None of us asked for "this," let's hear stories that are so difficult to hear, but harder to tell. 


Christina Arechiga – Sacramento, CA– Prison right activist for over 15 years then changed focus to police brutality when her first cousin Ernest Duenez Jr was murdered by John Moody of the Manteca PD. Now works full time as a private investigator and in the CA Statewide Coalition Against Police Brutality for all families who have been victims of law enforcement corruption and working on changing procedures and laws allowing such corruption.

Rosemary Duenez – Lathrop, CA – a mother and grandmother whose son Ernest Duenez Jr. was murdered by John Moody of the Manteca PD on June 8, 2011 – Ernest 34 yrs old was a father of an 11 month old son at the time, the Duenez family maintains weekly Sunday protests at the Manteca PD and is actively working with the CA Statewide Coalition Against Police Brutality. They fought to have the dash cam video released to them and they in turn released to the public in their fight for justice. Their civil case is currently in the federal courts in Sacramento, Ca and trial will begin in early 2014. The officer was cleared by the DA’s office but the family maintains an ongoing investigation and continues to put pressure on law enforcement to be accountable and file murder charges.

You can view the video here:

 Denika Chatman – Vallejo, Ca – mother of Kenneth Harding 19 years of age was murdered on July 16, 2011 by San Francisco Police and then left to bleed out while medical personal was not allowed through police barricade – she moved her family back to California from Seattle to fight for justice for her son and holds monthly feeds for the homeless in the spot that still is stained with the blood of her son. Aka the Kenny Feeds held by the Kenneth Harding Foundation – they have recently been blessed with a new location in a church to continue their work. She is currently in a civil trial.

You can view the video here:

Cephus Johnson aka “uncle bobby”– uncle of Oscar Grant murdered by Johannes Mehserle on a BART platform in Oakland, works nationally to organize and unite families who have been affected by the injustice system, their story is on screens nationwide in the film FRUITVALE STATION – you can read reviews here: 




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