Wednesday, September 25, 2013

End the Prison Industrial Complex (EPIC) CAMPAIGN: For Immediate Release by Cindy for Governor 2014

End the Prison Industrial Complex (EPIC) Campaign

For Immediate Release by Cindy for Governor 2014
September 25, 2013

Instead of focusing on Ending Poverty in California and an EPIC push for funding and expanding everyone’s access to high quality education as a human right to reduce the inhumane conditions that are fueled by profound over-crowding in the 33 state prisons operated by California, Jerry Brown wants to reward his large campaign donors by giving almost one-billion dollars of the state surplus to the prisons for profit industry.

There is a deep disconnect in a state that spends over 60k per prisoner/year and less than 9k per K-12 student/year.

Below is a chart of spending on prisons and schools from California Budget Project ( 

California Gubernatorial Candidate with the Peace and Freedom Party Cindy Sheehan made this statement: “A Cindy Sheehan administration would make dramatically increasing funding for education and eliminating poverty in our state a high priority to reduce the future need for 33 state prisons with horrendous over-crowded conditions. But, in the short run, 44% of our current prison population has been deemed at no risk for recidivism and most of these inmates can be released with little to no harm to our communities instead of being forced into the scandal ridden ‘prison for profit’ system.”

Sheehan continued: “I want to live in a state where human need is elevated over corporate greed and I am the candidate who can accomplish that because my allegiance belongs to the people of this state and I will accept no campaign contributions from crooked corporations like GEO CORP or Corrections Corp of America.”

Cindy Sheehan can be reached at:

For more information on Cindy Sheehan’s EPIC (End Poverty in California; End (the use of) Petroleum in California) Campaign, go to the website:


Cindy Sheehan for Governor 2014
2124 Kittredge St, #104
Berkeley CA. 94704
Phone: (916) 905-5167

For more information on the Peace and Freedom Party go to the website:


  1. The prisons are no longer overcrowded so why is Jerry Brown siding up with privatized prison providers? Cindy needs to win to put a stop to this corruption!


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