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We're Talking About a Revolution: Cindy for Cal Gov 2014 by Cindy Sheehan

Cindy for Cal Gov 2014:
We’re Talking About a Revolution!
Cindy Sheehan

"The mass of wo(men) lead lives of quiet desperation. What is called resignation is confirmed desperation."
Henry David Thoreau

“A true revolution of values will soon cause us to question the fairness and justice of many of our past and present policies. ... A true revolution of values will soon look uneasily on the glaring contrast of poverty and wealth." MLK, Jr.

I have identified myself repeatedly as a “revolutionary,” so why is this the third time that I have run for an elected office?

As a revolutionary, I believe that the system that the USA exists under, whether we want to call it “empire,” “capitalism,” “fascism,” “corporatism,” or (you pick) cannot be reformed. The Empire has too much evil institutional momentum to reform itself—and that’s what reformists are calling for—the very people who have all the marbles: power, wealth and resources—to reform the reality to give away some of their marbles. Not gonna happen without a complete collapse. We revolutionaries do not fear collapse, but we work to build the societal infrastructure that will help us survive a collapse, and in fact, we look for chinks in the Imperial walls to help the collapse happen sooner. We can and will survive any collapse of the US Empire, but if we work together we can do better than mere survival, we can thrive!

Revolutionaries believe that the marbles should be shared equally. We send individuals to Washington, DC, or Sacramento, or wherever, with no public oversight and we keep doing it ever two-four years expecting that we will get different results. “Gee, if we could only get exactly the right set of Democrats/Republicans in the government, things would be better.” Of course, even though there is just a hairbreadth of difference between the two parties, what partisans are saying is that what they really want is a One Party State. What Cindy for Cal Gov 2014 is saying is that we want a Revolution.

What could be more revolutionary than complete worker control of every workplace? A living wage with good union benefits for all workers and a Basic Guaranteed Income for those who choose to pursue raising a family; art, intellectual activities, activism, retirement, or other undertakings that help contribute to building a well-rounded and healthy society? People ask, "where does the money come from for good social programs like these." Ummm...the problem is not a lack of resources, the problem is the distribution of those resources. Also, workers create and share wealth--the ownership society, or capitalism, hoards wealth and is miserly with social programs.

What is more revolutionary than working together to break our state’s allegiance to Big Oil and our own addiction to dino-juice? California has the resources to end filthy oil extraction and burning and turn towards clean, renewable and sustainable forms of energy and devote more resources to public transportation. I know I want my children and grandchildren to live in a state where they can breathe clean air and live lives free from asthma and other preventable environmental ailments. Don’t you? 

We also want to protect our young from the violent and predatory practices of police forces and the US military. Peace and accountability are Revolutionary values and in our California, police will no longer be free to murder other citizens with impunity. Citizen review boards will trump and override any so-called, Police Officer's Bill of Rights. Our right to be free from state abuse and violence is more important than their right to practice violence and abuse. With a people's Revolution, police forces will be forced to return to "Serve and Protect" their communities and not the 1%. 

Here is a tricky one. According to the California Budget Project, this state devotes over $60,000/year per inmate (where does that money go? Not for prisoner services) in our state prison systems, yet under $9k per K-12 student. California is at the top for incarceration, overcrowded prisons and horrible prison conditions and near the bottom (with Alabama and Mississippi) for measurable education standards.

Now, bear with me a minute. I know a lot of people have very little compassion for those in prison, thinking that they “belong” there. What if we released the 44% of non-violent offenders and those with little to no risk of recidivism and fully-fund our schools, colleges and universities? What is a normal and standard idea around the world is a revolutionary demand here in the US: Access to high quality and free education is a human right, not a privilege! The Cindy for Cal Gov 2014 Revolution would strive as one of our first goals to elevate education to the proper position of priority and excellence that it once was.

Most Elephants and Jackasses say: “Support Me.”

I say, “Support yourselves, your families and your communities by supporting and voting for Revolution.”

Jerry Brown says that, "California is Back."

Cindy 2014 says, "We are taking California out of the hands of the corporations and other wealthy parasites and we are going to bring prosperity and peace to all."

We do live lives of quiet desperation and we don’t have to. First of all, we need to be vocal in our demands for equal access to healthcare, education, good jobs, healthy organic food, positive recreation, a clean environment, housing and clean, fresh water. Secondly, it’s not your fault or my fault that we feel so desperate. Thirdly, roll up your sleeves and step outside of that desperation and help me get elected to be the first female and first revolutionary governor of the State of California.

 However, I will not let you send me to Sacramento to sink or swim—you all are coming with me with your hopes, dreams, ideas, and energy so we can co-create and re-create a state where we can all live in prosperity and peace and that we can promote as a model for the rest of the country.

Revolution, that’s what we’re talking about!

Go to to donate or sign up to volunteer!

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  1. Madam Cindy Sheehan,

    With fraternal friendly greetings and best wishes,

    All this may seem rather stiff and conservative but it is presented as such so that not may confuse what I am about to say in all seriousness for some time America has been very discouraging as if it was a concentration camp (not to trivialize those either).

    But recently Julian Assange Wikileaks and Edward Snowden has made revelations of the spy police state which currently exists that has drawn some attention to the question in Europe and worldwide as the US NSA is said to even have tapped the cell phones of Angela Merkel the German Chancellor.

    None the less those kinds of exposes are not new, the group radical feminist group Red Stockings in the 1960s discovered Gloria Steinem was a CIA agent and that Ms Magazine was financed by the CIA. In what Red Stockings publicized then but were legally suppressed when Gloria Steinem and her big money Ms magazine CIA lawyers went to court and received a favorable hearing. who says there is no freedom of speech? I for one do!

    In Greece in the 1967 military coup the CIA alleged supported the colonels under President Johnson (LBJ the Democrat ) and the state Dept allegedly supported the conservatives and King. During the "Peoples Revolution" of the Philippines the CIA was alleged split when one group supported the Catholic Church and another the military and more conservative elements. As the result of an expose that began with information publish in 1960s by the World Marxist Review the CIA involvement with financing many anti-soviet groups from the painters De Kooning and Jackson Pollock the Paris Review, Partisan Review the discredited Congress for Cultural Freedom, Norman Thomas, Jay Lovestone amongst many others. Where the even created and controlled "revolutionary Maoist groups: What is revealed is that no group or individual is above suspicion,

    As such I called for thorough investigations of the deep roots of the police state which exists in the US but the question is who will investigate whom when the USA is thoroughly corrupted by the many billions spent each year by the government politicians and corporations on what amounts to a lot of propaganda.

    The last draw was the election of Obama and his sellout of the american people during the worst economic depression since the Great depression, as such I am sorry and apologize that I can not support and legal electoral action until such time the systemic injustices of fraud called the American Political system are brought to an end.

    Please forgive any literary shortcoming I may exhibit as though I feel I can not agree I must encourage all those like you to act as the only hope for America not as Julian Assange suggests Rand Paul and the Libertarian lunatic fringe of the conservatives.


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