Cindy Sheehan's Candidate Statement (DRAFT)


Candidates for office here in California are forced to pay $25/word to have a statement in the California Voter's Guide.
Unfortunately, unless you are a wealthy person, or a candidate of one of the Capitalist parties, oftentimes, this statement is the only time voters are exposed to a far better 3rd Party or Independent candidate. 

 The statement is limited to 250 words and is due (with payment) by February 12th.

The following is our "Dream Statement" and we are trying to raise the money to publish it in the voter guide.

Can you sponsor one word?

Two words?

An entire sentence?

A couple of letters?

Anything will help and be appreciated.


(This statement is flexible until Feb 12 and we welcome input)

180 words=

I am running to End Poverty In California.

Our major goals are to: decrease prison populations and increase funding for schools and publicly financed healthcare; greatly reduce fees for public colleges and universities; wean our state off of fossil fuels and expand usage of renewable and clean energy and expand public transportation (free for seniors and students); institute a State Bank; increase job training programs and repair existing infrastructure; house the homeless; stop the unconstitutional Bay Delta tunnel project and put all utilities under the control of communities that are served; fully decriminalize marijuana; legalize hemp; expand worker control of workplaces; expand people’s participation in state government; make the wealthiest citizens of this state pay their fair share; reform CPS and institute public review boards for police that have real power.

Economic equality ends social injustice.

It’s an ambitious agenda, but the people of the beautiful state of California deserve a governor that will fight alongside them for peace and justice.

Vote for me in June and register Peace and Freedom Party.


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