No nukes today and always! (Remembering Japan on 3/11) Statement from Cindy Sheehan

 Kyoko and Cindy in Tokyo

As most of you already know, three years ago today, the island-nation of Japan suffered a major earthquake and tsunami.

The original damage was quite devastating and we mourn and remember everyone who lost their lives that day and their friends, family, and fellow citizens of Japan.

I also stand in solidarity with the demand of millions in Japan and around the world: No More Fukushimas!

That disaster is a continuing worry for us all and demonstrates that nuclear power was never safe or viable.

I also stand in solidarity with millions of people around the world who are demanding an end to the use of nuclear and fossil fuel technology for power and bombs. We demand investment in safe, renewable, and sustainable forms of energy.

I was in Japan just five months after the natural and nuclear disaster in 2010 and I formed many close bonds with my brothers and sisters who are working to hold the Japanese government and TEPCO accountable for the negligence, cover-ups, and other crimes against the people of Japan and the spreading poison that could potentially affect the entire Western Hemisphere. 

A Cindy Sheehan administration in California would work with activists on both sides of the Pacific to work to make sure all nuclear power plants are shut down and the poisons and radiation emanating from Fukushima be stopped and cleansed for the future!

You are not alone.

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  1. No more Fukushima

    TimFromLA...Cindy's Japanese American son


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