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Black and Blue: Citizen Oversight on Out-of-Control Police State (Soapbox Podcast 5/4/14)

Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox
May 4, 2014

Robin Andersen, sister of jail-inmate, 
Brad Bennetto, and her struggle to keep him alive in Santa Rita jail and to get him out!


Dylan Avery, filmmaker who is currently making a documentary called 
Black and Blue

A California Jail Is Torturing My Brother to Death

by Robin Andersen


Cartoon from:


Info about Brad in jail:

Jail name: Lawrence Bennetto

Jail Number:  BKB172

Santa Rita Jail phone number: 925 551 6500 


Keep calling the jail to let the officers know that we know

Brad is in there and there are people on the outside who care!

 Facebook Page for Brad (Lawrence)


Dylan Avery (photo from


Facebook Page for Black and Blue


Nubia Bowes

Another tragic case from Santa Rita gulag:

Nubia Bowe is the 19 yr. old African-American woman, student, and Oakland resident who was brutalized by BART police and Santa Rita Jail guards this past February, and is currently facing charges.Here's some background information:




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