It's almost over, except for the vote counting! GOTV!

The Cindy for California Governor 2014 Campaign recommends the following votes:
Reminder: the California Primary is tomorrow, June 3rd

check-box-image.jpegCindy Sheehan for Governor
            End Poverty in California
            Restore and expand all services
            Protect the Environment-No Fracking
            Stop Police brutality
check-box-image.jpegAmos Johnson for Lieutenant Governor
            Free Education at all levels
            Cancellation of all student dept
            Productive jobs at union wages

check-box-image.jpegNathalie Hrizi for Insurance Commissioner
Guaranteed free quality health care for everyone
           Abolish the insurance companies
           Vote Socialist

check-box-image.jpegLaura Wells for Controller

check-box-image.jpegEllen Brown for Treasurer  

check-box-image.jpegYes on Prop 42
Proposition 42 is a state constitutional amendment to require local government to provide open meetings and public records access. These basic democratic practices are currently state government mandates, which require reimbursement. In the last budget crisis these mandates were suspended, allegedly to allow the state to save the money otherwise spent on reimbursing local governments' costs of following the mandates.

We support Proposition 42. Openness in local governments shouldn't be conditional on state budget deals.

Peace and Freedom Party Candidates in Your Area
Frank Lara- 12th C.D. San Francisco
Howard Johnson- 34th C.D. Los Angeles
Eugene Ruhl-15th A.D. Berkeley, Richmond, Oakland
Mary Lou Finley-79th A.D. San Diego (write in)
Alonzo Warren- 59th A.D. Los Angeles (write in)
Adam Shbeita- 44th C.D. district South LA County

Our sincerest thanks to all of Cindy's volunteers and supporters,
Team Cindy


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