Monday, July 7, 2014

We Condemn the Decision of Santa Rosa County D.A. regarding Erick Gelhaus murder of Andy Lopez!

Cindy Sheehan and Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox have been very impressed by the community activism in Santa Rosa around the murder of Andy Lopez by 24-year cop veteran, Erick Gelhaus.

The movement is led by Andy's friends and family and we want to again express our condolences and reaffirm our solidarity with them.

We know whatever Ravitch decided today is in alignment with protecting killer cops and the status quo, but we also know that the friends and family of Andy will never rest until justice is realized for Andy.

Another sad day for the people! 


 Deputy who killed Andy Lopez won't face charges

FILE -- An undated photo of 13-year-old Andy Lopez and the replica assault rifle he was holding when he was shot and killed in Santa Rosa, Calif. on Tuesday, Oct. 22, 2013.
Monday, July 07, 2014
Prosecutors say they will not file criminal charges against a Northern California sheriff's deputy who shot and killed an unarmed 13-year-old boy.

Sonoma County District Attorney Jill Ravitch announced at a news conference Monday that investigators concluded Deputy Erick Gelhaus fired his weapon at Andy Lopez in response to what he honestly and reasonably believed was an imminent threat of death.

Gelhaus shot Lopez seven times on Oct. 22 as the teen walked in a Santa Rosa neighborhood with a pellet gun that resembled an automatic weapon. Gelhaus told investigators he believed the gun was real and opened fire out of fear for his life.

The shooting sparked numerous protests immediately afterward and again when Gelhaus returned to work in December. Protesters had called for criminal charges against the deputy.


  1. As more and more police departments become militarized starting with the SWAT teams 35 years ago, they are literally getting away with murder when killing people which they could have subdued without using deadly force.

    Yes, the toy rifle looked real, but was the cop that scared of the boy that he had to take "immediate action" (an army term) in ending Andy's life?

  2. I wish there were something I could do to ease the suffering of the family. This is a disgusting travesty.

    The PIG claims he was a veteran of Iraq. As a veteran of Afghanistan I could tell INSTANTLY it was a toy weapon with or without the cap.

    This sick pig needs to be thrown in prison.

  3. This is a tradgedy. The officer made a wrong decission. why didnt the other officer feel his life was in danger. His head was clear obviously. But lets talk about justice in sonoma county.THERE IS NO JUSTICE IN THE SANTA ROSA COURTS....something needs to be done>>>my son is in prion BECAUSE i could not offord an attorney...His public defender did nothing to help him. He and the D.A.
    had agreed to make my sons case an example of the seriousness of violent crimes,
    The problem is son didnt hurt anyone (indicated in the police report) and the victum stated he didnt even see my son hit the end my son was sentenced to 8 yrs with 85 percent time....You tell me, where is the justice...My son is only 24 yrs old..If you think you know of an attorney who can help me help my son, please respond. Mom in Sonoma co.


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