Sunday, February 1, 2015

Why DC? Spring Rising: An Antiwar Intervention in DC by Cindy Sheehan

 Why, DC?
Spring Rising
Cindy Sheehan

I have long advocated for the seat of the central government of the USA be relocated to the geographic center of the contiguous land mass. Along with the many problems associated with the capital city built on a swamp, depending on where one lives, it can be expensive and inconvenient as hell to get to!

The geographic concerns and the seeming minimal interest in ending the wars combine to make trips to DC (or NYC, or Chicago, or Los Angeles) difficult for most. I rode my bike from California to DC in 2013, but not many people are full-time peace activists and can’t afford the time it takes (three months for me) or the time off of work.

So what do we do? Most of us who are still in this “antiwar” milieu have realized that the president of the US is really just a figurehead for Empire and that Congress is there to rubberstamp what the War Machine wants with very little show of opposition; so Why DC?

DC is the marbleized logo of power. I am not sure where decisions are really made, but I know the Imperial Pronouncements emanate from DC and I also know that large gatherings of courageous and determined humans have changed history in a positive way.

Spring Rising: An Antiwar Intervention in DC is our call to gather there from March 18-21 for four days of action designed to once and for all end the wars. Realistically, will this happen? We know it won’t happen if we all cocoon in our comfort zones.

We think it’s urgent for the planet to gather with us for these days (schedule), but if it’s not possible for you to meet us in DC, please organize local solidarity actions and we will be happy to help you connect with others in your area, if possible.

One person emailed to tell me that when we call for gathering in DC, it’s just our way of getting others to pay our ways there.

That’s a valid concern, but the organizations that are pulling this together are grassroots and not all of us think that “WashedUp, DeCeit” is an ideal place to spend a week. DC is really one of the last places I want to go to, but I have been there countless of times to protest and I can’t think of much site seeing that I have done. It’s a place that whitely shines with war memorial after war memorial but has an underlying feeling of black cancer. However, it’s also the place where a massive response needs to be mounted against the massive police state that is apparent there. We can’t wait for the “elected” War Criminals to grow a conscience—because historically few have had one. We can’t wait for others—we must be the ones.

Please email Dede Miller if you would like help organizing a local solidarity action, or get on your own network and figure out how to rideshare to join us.

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