The Obama Files is Available (FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE)

The Obama Files:
Chronicles of an Award-Winning War Criminal

VACAVILLE, CA: Today, Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox announces the publishing of Cindy Sheehan's eighth book: The Obama Files: Chronicles of an Award-Winning War Criminal.

The book (which one early reviewer calls: "One of the most hardcore antiwar books ever written") is a collection of essays of criticism from the far left of six-years of the disastrous Obama regime which had many people (excluding Sheehan) "hoping" for a new era of peace and justice. After over six-years of "the First Black President™" Sheehan is hoping that this book will finally convince people that when it comes to war and the police state, Obama has been far more dangerous than even was George W. Bush.

The Obama Files is also a chronicle of the abdication of the "left" in its historical prerogative to hold war criminals accountable in the court of public opinion.

From her home in Vacaville, CA Cindy Sheehan had this to say, "I hope The Obama Files will be an important historical document of this important time in world history, but I also hope it inspires some to look beyond the latest cause célebré or bourgeois political party and find hope in ourselves and our communities."

Contributors to The Obama Files include Larry Pinkney, author, activist and member of The Black Panther Party who wrote the foreword and noted political artist Anthony Freda who designed the book cover.

For more information, to order a review copy (MEDIA only), or schedule an interview with Cindy Sheehan, please email Dede Miller at




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