Sunday, July 19, 2015

They Hate our Freedumb by Anthony Freda (iRants)

Isn't the purpose of journalism to provide alternatives to official propaganda?
What is the point of having a free press if it serves the needs of those in power who already have a global pulpit?
The establishment narrative (especially regarding foreign policy) should never be taken at face value, always questioned and investigated.
The controlled press, our military leadership and our intelligence agencies have earned our skepticism by way of their history of mis-informing the public and their instinct for deception.

"The origins of the Iran nuclear "crisis" lay not in an Iranian urge to obtain nuclear weapons but, rather, in a sustained effort by the United States and its allies to deny Iran its right, as guaranteed in the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, to have any nuclear program at all. The book highlights the impact that the United States' alliance with Israel had on Washington's pursuit of its Iran policy and sheds new light on the US strategy of turning the International Atomic Energy Agency into a tool of its anti-Iran policy." Gareth Porter
"People in Iran think this agreement keeps them from having their children bombed by us. Unfortunately for them all it does is give us an excuse to bomb them easier when they fail to comply with weapons inspection protocols. This is the same playbook we used to kill 600,000 people in Iraq: claims that they had WMDs. The fact that Iraq had no such weapons didn't stop us. This deal is smoke and mirrors. An ideal deal would normalize relations and allow peaceful trade between our nations. If Iran was an imminent threat or attacked us, and only then we would respond with force. 

The whole subject of nuclear weapons is a distraction. There are many other weapons today which can be more deadly than many nuclear weapons. As with Iraq, we are changing the topic of the debate and not asking simple questions like

theonion.comIran Worried U.S. Might Be Building 8,500th Nuclear Weapon: thought provoking

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