Nationalist Faith by Anthony Freda

Why is truth so unpopular?
I always naively thought that most people would value and seek out the truth.
I thought that when the lies that took us to Vietnam and Iraq were exposed that people would give a closer and more skeptical inspection of the pretexts that are contrived to 
manufacture our consent to the next war.
I thought that people would see through the discredited propaganda techniques used to exploit our fears and atavistic tribal instincts by the war makers.
People would surely see the same perverse playbook is used again and again to convince us that the immoral, irrational and counterproductive solution of war is a
moral, rational and effective way to solve problems, right?
As an infamous war maker once said 
'I got it wrong.'

I thought that God and country were separate, but they are merged into a religio-politcal cult in reality.
God has sanctified the US as his representative on Earth, and our wars are physical manifestations of his will to root out and destroy the evil-doers.
If we must become evil to fight evil, so be it. We have been ordained by God.

We Had to drop the bomb on Japan to end WW2, there was no other way.
We Had to kill 3 million people in Indochina or the commie dominoes would fall.
We Had to invade Iraq and destroy millions of lives and create chaos, because Saddam was bad man.
We Had to decimate Libya and rain havoc on the people, because Gaddafi was bad man.
We Have to eliminate evil in Pakistan, Yemen, Afghanistan, Syria and Somalia because our historical destiny is to kill the devil through endless, holy warfare.
Our slaughters are not sins, but devotions to God, and noble, righteous acts of humanitarianism.

To be fair, Every tribe believes They are God's chosen. There are currently 50 wars waging on Earth.
The US is not exceptional in it's nationalist faith, 
only in it's power to physically manifest God's will and spill the blood of his enemies on a global scale.



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