Lonely by Anthony Freda

It sure is lonely being an antiwar activist in the age of Obama. 

If a Republican president were killing civilians all over the world, executing American citizens without due process and even bombing hospitals, would 

there be large scale antiwar protests as there were prior to the election of Obama? Would Democrats protest the war crimes that define current U.S. foreign policy if a Bush or Trump were the evil-doer?

Will the anemic peace movement be resurrected if a Republican is elected and simply continues on the current course,

or will Democrats make excuses for mass murder, chaos and failure as they do for their own candidates?

Moral consistency and objectivity seem anathema to partisanship.

So long as people choose party loyalty over moral conviction, establishment politicians will attempt to hijack the peace movement and use it solely as a tool for tribal division.

If we do not transcend the divide-and conquer paradigm, the peace movement will never claim it's true historic destiny to inspire the global awakening of conscience required to move humanity out of this dark age in which barbarism masquerades as humanitarianism.


  1. Nice poetics...military-Hegemony thrives upon "the one-Party system" and has improved their plutocracy i.e. oligarchs and intel-Gence: striata, too! Peace thru halting chem-tRails, and protesting egregious nature of illegal and UN-constitutional wars-Warring...may do us a return to republic w constitution as our lawful bag of grace!


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