Saturday, January 9, 2016

Brother Larry vs The Lame Duck (SOAPBOX PODCAST 1/10/16)

The Soapbox
JANUARY 10, 2016 

Guest: Brother Larry Pinkney
Topic: Typical Hypocrisy and Crimes of US Empire

This week, Cindy chats with Brother Larry Pinkney who has been "Keeping it Real" on the Soapbox now for a full presidential tenure---eight years!

Every year, about this time, our dear friend Larry comes on to discuss the former and future crimes of the Creatures in office (particularly Obama) with a nod this year to the Creatures running to take Obama's place as Head CEO of USA Murder, Inc.

Here is a list of Soapbox archival shows with Brother Larry--the prophetic voice of the people!

Keeping it Real

Brother Larry Pinkney also wrote the foreword to
The Obama Files: Chronicles of an Award Winning War Criminal

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