Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Bernie Sanders poses as an opponent of Wall Street in New York speech by Tom Hall (

FROM (World Socialist Website)

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  1. Firstly allow me to state that I am a registered Green and intend to vote for Dr. Stein. But I always wonder at such articles as this for the lack of both compromise and progress these hit pieces abstain from offering.

    I listen to Sanders and agree with much of his positions, while also understanding how he must work within a system that necessitates ensuring his continued committee assignments and support for any legislation he might offer.

    In order to repair this sick and perverted political system in which we are stuck, to end the huge influence of the corporate, the wealthy, over all legislative decision making we must address the enormity of the problem in a step by step fashion. No task of this enormity can be addressed in whole, and articles that demean Sanders are frustrating in that they make compromise and progress more, not less, difficult.

    I support Sanders for that with which we agree, and think that sort of political practicality the only way to get where we all wish to go.


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