Saturday, May 21, 2016

Hillary Clinton IS the Most Qualified to Head the Evil Empire by Cindy Sheehan

Hillary Clinton IS the Most Qualified to Head the Evil Empire
Cindy Sheehan

I've run for political office a few times myself, and even though I have always met constitutional qualifications, I always have been told that I was not "qualified."

What seem to be the political qualifications to be the figurehead for this demented and bestial US Empire? That one is 35 and born in the US? That's what the US constitution says, but what do others look for?

Perhaps, the voting public looks for, against all evidence and history, a person that is honest and truly cares about this nation and its people. A person that is wise and sober in his/her life and decision-making ability? One that would gladly give his/her life for peace and liberty? 

As evidenced by this never-ending and insufferable election cycle, it seems like the voting electorate is now looking for a "political outsider;" which makes more sense with the Trumpites, than the Sandernistas: The first has never held political office and the second has been a politician for decades. However, in what really matters to the global capitalist/imperialist class, the person running for office that meets their qualifications almost perfectly to a "t" is former First Lady, US Senator and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

What are the real qualifications to the fill the position of POTUS? 

It seems one must be an unrepentant criminal who is willing to murder civilians willy-nilly for profit and resource control. Mrs. Clinton is a grandmother who I presume loves her grandchild, but has demonstrated an eager willingness to murder the children of others. 

For example, as US Senator, Clinton was one of the most ardent cheerleaders for the Bush mob's murderous attack on Iraq and as First Lady, she watched as her husband also murdered hundreds of thousands of Iraqi by bombs and sanctions. As Secretary of State she was one of the Obama mob's architects of the abominable destruction of Libya. 

In 2005, after I went to Crawford TX and camped there for one month at our peace encampment, Camp Casey, I had an extensive meeting with this right-wing cutthroat. "Ice Queen" doesn't even begin to cover Clinton's callousness and calculation. Like the war powers know, I also am convinced that she could easily transition into a Commander in Chief who would push that button. 

Contrary to popular belief, US elections are never about the "lesser of two evils," they always are about pure evil and which puppet of evil will ultimately infest the Oval Office. 

Don't fall for the "lesser-evil" trap. Evil can never be voted away, it must be exorcised with courage and good.

So, even without talking about her subservience to Monsanto and Wall Street, unfortunately for humanity, HRC is eminently qualified for the position of POTUS. 

I don't want that kind of qualified. It makes my stomach turn. 


  1. My heart cried with you when you lost your son Cindy, I shouted with glee when you stood up to the WAR Criminal Boy George , and I have followed you sence. Bravo to your Bravery and Persistence. Hell No I won't vote Hillary...

  2. Great comments on the evil candidates running for office. I gave up voting long ago, it's meaningless. Money is what matters. Until we can "vote" with our money, IE not pay taxes if we so choose, we're slaves. It comes as no surprise to libertarians that when governments use aggression at home to finance their operations they use much of that loot to aggress abroad. To really advocate peace pacifists need to apply their principles consistently. The use of force is either consonant with pacifist principles or it isn't. There is no magic of the collective that excuses the government using force in a way that is immoral for individuals to do so. I have no doubt that none of the members of the Peace Community would themselves ever use force, or the threat thereof, to separate anyone from their money. Why then do they advocate that the government do so? Taxation isn't consonant with pacifist principles. It can't be enforced without using force, a violation of everything pacifists claim to stand for. Until they resolve this conflict pacifists may say they want peace but are really the enablers of war and other aggressions. We won't get rid of the scourge of war until we rid ourselves of the scourge of taxation.

  3. You are so right that evil can never be voted away. Everyone needs to realize that -- voting for evil is voting for evil.

  4. You are a truly great woman, Cindy!

  5. We are living on the edge and most people don't even pay attention. Thanks always for sharing your thoughts. End all war!

  6. Thank you Cindy. The lesser of two evils has always been evil and evil is the only choice we have ever really had. That is exactly how the demonic forces that run this country and world set it up.

  7. I also believe Hillary will be the well qualified more effective of two evils. That is why our Owners selected her to follow Obama. The best we can do is to try to make her theft of the general election as obvious as possible. That can mean boycotting (as I plan on doing), voting Jill, or even (God forbid) TRump. Let's make her sweat for every stolen vote and let's have her enter office with the smallest mandate in US presidential history! We are not helpless here.

  8. The lesser-of-two-evils argument is surprisingly prevalent. Do people not care that the world is plunging headlong into environmental catastrophe? Or that 1 million have died in Bush and Obama's wars in the Middle East? Or that US foreign policy created ISIS? What about the very real possibility of war with China and Russia? Something? Anything? I think all the propaganda has really done a number on the psyche of the average American.

  9. It bothers me that she lies with such ease and polish. Like you stated, the "Ice Queen". I'm truly afraid for the country and the future of the world with either the Ice Queen or the Blow Hard

    1. One is reminded of HL Mencken:

      “Under democracy one party always devotes its chief energies to trying to prove that the other party is unfit to rule—and both commonly succeed, and are right.”

  10. To incorporate ( sorry for the pun ! ) all of the above sentiments, I am sending this link:

  11. Dear Cindy,
    Thanks for your beliefs, thanks for your words, thanks for your solidarity, thanks for your friendship..thanks for being a true american woman, a true american mother...a true american soldier fighting for peace...

  12. Dear Cindy,
    Thanks for your beliefs, thanks for your words, thanks for your solidarity, thanks for your friendship..thanks for being a true american woman, a true american mother...a true american soldier fighting for peace...


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