Friday, May 13, 2016

Humanity is Against the Coup in Brazil (Sign-on statement)

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Humanity is Against the Coup in Brazil

The undersigned, intellectuals, artists, writers and researchers from all over the world denounce the coup underway in Brazil and stand in solidarity with President Dilma Rousseff who was elected by 54 million Brazilians only one year and a half ago. 

This is not a traditional “political trial”, as the Globo Group is attempting to present it. Michel Temer, the visible face of the coup, has already expressed his intentions to bring the private banking sector into the public sphere and to focus in particular on a social policy of austerity for the poorest 5% of the country, which would mean to exclude the 36 million people from the Bolsa Familia. In addition Temer intends to move toward agreements with the United States and the European Union "with or without the Mercosur". In short his perspective is a Government for the elite of his country distanced from the majority and to wipe out forever the experience that the country had under the government of the Workers Party. 

Temer envisions himself to be the “new Macri” of Brazil, using the new government of Argentina as his model and advancing toward the dismantling of the state rarely seen in Argentina. It is not surprising then that the Foreign Ministry of that neighboring country has shamelessly supported the coup in Brazil under the guise of supporting its institutions. For everything that the coup makers have expressed and with their links to big business we consider the coup of the President de facto Michael Temer illegitimate and illegal. He has long ago proven that he is a corrupt politician who takes his orders from the darkest parts of the predatory oligarchy of that country. 

We are appealing to UNASUR to apply the established Protocol stating a Commitment to Democracy adopted by all the countries of the organization that could put the brakes on the deterioration of the democratic thread in Brazil. We also demand that the presidents and governments of the world do not recognize Temer and to demand the return of the legitimately elected President Dilma Rousseff. They should also end the political crisis by calling for an immediate presidential election – made by the President herself – so that the Brazilian people can once again express themselves by democratic means and not by an imposed coup d’état by a questionable and corrupt Congress. 

Nao vai ter golpe!
First signatures:
Alfredo Vera Arrata, Ecuador
Edmundo Aray, Venezuela
Fernando Buen Abad, México/Argentina
Fernando Rendón, Colombia
Gabo Sequeira, Argentina
Gilberto López y Rivas , México
Horacio López, Argentina
Jorge Nuñez Sánchez, Ecuador
Katiuska Blanco, Cuba
Manuel Santos Iñurrieta, Argentina
Pablo Guayasamín, Ecuador
Pepe Regato, Ecuador
Raúl Pérez Torres, Ecuador
Verenice Guayasamín, Ecuador
Cindy Sheehan, EEUU
Gayle McLauglin, EEUU
James Early, EEUU
Peter Phillips, EEUU
Nelson Valdes, EEUU
Piero Gleijeses, EEUU
Tom Hayden, EEUU
Michael Parenti, EEUU
Felix Salvador Kury, EEUU
Bill Hackwell, EEUU
Arnold August, Canada
Stephen Kimber, Canada
John Kirk, Canada


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  1. Dilma Rousseff should be reinstated as president and democracy restored in Brazil.


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