Sunday, May 1, 2016

“It’s not made by great men” by Muhsin Y.

Many left-leaning citizens of the Republic of Turkey who have learnt English are presently sharing the (almost certainly fabricated) story of British Prime Minister David Cameron and puppet Kurdish “leader” Massoud Barzani condemning President Erdoğan in unusually harsh language. The enthusiasm for such a story, real or fake, follows from a generally hegemonic discourse in the Kurdish Liberation Movement (and the HDK/HDP Turkish left which is close to it) of the “one man dictatorship” and “AKP fascism”. This rhetoric has been useful domestically (in Turkey) for the building of fronts against the current ruling party and its charismatic leader. However, internationally it is a problem, and it can become problematic in Turkey, because it represents a misanalysis of the root of the problems in Turkey presently manifested in the AKP government and its leader...


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