Saturday, August 27, 2016

Cancer Ramblings by Cindy Sheehan

Cancer Ramblings 
by Cindy Sheehan

Cancer is normal, yet abnormal.

Who knows, we may all have cancer cells in us just waiting for a catalyst like the environment or smoking. What's that some of you may say? Smoking doesn't cause cancer? No, you're right, it's completely healthy to put hundreds of chemicals and poisons in your body every time you take a drag...

When I was young, cancer was CANCER and only a handful of 
the grandparents of my schoolmates were afflicted, mostly Old People (probably my current age). Now? Soon CANCER will be the number one killer here in the toxic USofA.

In 1971 during the treacherous and violent war against the people of Vietnam, Nixon declared a "War on Cancer" and despite (because) billions have been spent looking for a cure, we have more cancer. A War on Terror, means more terror. A War on Drugs, means more drugs. A War on Poverty means more poverty, so, maybe the US establishment should declare Wars on Peace or Prosperity for all? How about a War on Jobs?

For me, CANCER grew in and on my sister's breast looking like
diseased, inflamed, red and purple ping pong balls--it looks like 100 pounds lost and a wild head full of curly hair shorn on my kitchen floor and/or left in drains or on her pillow.

Cancer looked like rotten meat hanging off a once healthy and full breast. Cancer makes me sick to my stomach and sick in my soul.

Cancer says: "You fucked up, or you were fucked by radiation or other environmental toxins that invade and infest our lives."

Cancer doesn't even care if you live an exemplary life: no smoking, active, healthy foods, healthy weight--if cancer wants you cancer will get you. Cancer will find the one chink in your army and exploit it to grow like diseased kudzu. 

Cancer is my Zodiac sign, cancer is a crab that is deadly and tenacious. It spreads like cancer.
Cancer is capitalism; cancer is war; cancer is petroleum; cancer is nuclear bomb tests and "cheap" power; cancer is pesticides and junk food; cancer is smoking and drinking and living an unrepentant life of excess. Cancer is exhausting days and sleepless nights, and even the "cure" is cancer.

Cancer is stress; cancer is endless doctor's appointments and hospital visits and "health" care professionals that push more poison than any druglord could ever dream of. Cancer is being forced to drive a carcinogenic car and buying putrid petroleum which goes against everything I believe in.

To me, cancer is tears, stress, resentment, failure, and hope for health--and selfishly, not even for everybody, but for one person: my sister.

 Cancer is my enemy and I feel like cancer is beating the crap out of me, even though I don't have it.

Fuck you, cancer.

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