Do Tell, Obama? by Cindy Sheehan

Do Tell, Obama?
Cindy Sheehan 

This is how Obama "honored" me in March, 2010

"Our Gold Star families have made a sacrifice that most of us cannot even begin to imagine," Obama said while addressing a conference of disabled veterans. "They represent the very best of our country…We have to do everything we can for those families and honor them, and be humbled by them."

The latest media kerfluffle over Donald Trump's rude remarks about the Khan family (Mr. Khan attacked Trump for Hillary Clinton at last week's DNC) has brought a lot of attention to when I spoke out against George Bush and his wars beginning after my son was killed.

The weirdest thing about my part in it is that so-called liberals have been making the absurd claim that Bush was "kind" to me compared to Trump's treatment of the Khans.

Of course, there is no documentation that George Bush ever publicly said anything rude about me, but the attacks on my character and lies about the antiwar movement and Camp Casey have the bloody claw prints of Bush's attack dog, Karl Rove all over them. Republican politicians and right-wing media had a wonderful time going after me and no one accused them of being disrespectful.

I would like to address what Obama told the conference of disabled veterans, though, quoted above.

I have never stopped protesting the US's wars since Obama assumed command of the Evil Empire. I have been arrested a few times right in front of his White House protesting his war. I have been manhandled by the police; dumped in a cold cell with no food for 53 hours once; received a stay-away order from the perimeter of the White House that came with a six-month jail stay if I violated it and the Justice Department sent three US Attorneys from DC to Sacramento to persecute me for being a war-tax refuser.

Like Bush, Obama has refused to meet with me to discuss his continuation of the Bush wars.

So, what I really think the Drone Bomber meant, was that only Gold Star Families who do not oppose him and his Imperial violence and treachery should be "honored."

Should Trump apologize to the Khans---of course, but the Democrats should quit pretending they care about people whose children they slaughter with their support for the wars against mostly Muslims in Arab countries. They only fake-care in elections years.

Democrats shed huge crocodile tears for my son and for my story until they got what they wanted, then we very unceremoniously got kicked to the curb. 

The hypocrisy is stunning, but what is even more stunning is that there is one person left in the US who believes any of the filth that spews out of the mouth of any politician. 


  1. There are no words I can come up with to help you with such pain and lose, a son,to these evil criminals, but keep giving that fight that only a mother, parent can bring to such an injustice. Much love, No justice No Peace!!!!!!!

  2. Excellent posting. Sad to say the Khans will probably not contact you. It is difficult for many to accept the fact that the death of a loved one (as well as many others) is/was based on lies. Especially if those lies are for conquest, profit and empire.

    As Smedley Darlington Butler used to say "To Hell With War."

    Though I need not say this, I will, STAY STRONG!


  3. Trumps comments about this family, including his sexist remarks regarding Mrs Khan's silent presence is so not the problem. My expectations for Trump to open his mouth and not insult and demean some class of human outside of his rich, white male class is currently non-existent.
    The problem as I perceive it, is this kid died in a war that never should have started, has caused ongoing destruction and seems to have no end.
    The 'fake-caring' from Democrats reminds me of their fake excuses during Obama's first two years in office when the slightest criticism of his presidency was met with cries of 'what do you expect? It takes time to undo all the damage done in 8 years under Bush.
    Hillary's Hawk record is no secret. Her parading these parents out on stage to shill for her is just as reprehensible as Trump's comments.
    It's not the difference between 2 candidates or even the 2 major parties that is challenge. It is the unwillingness to see the faults of the American system that cranks out Gold Star Families across the globe.


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