Wednesday, May 17, 2017

#CalExit May 19th March in Sacramento

March on the Capitol - May 19th!

TWO days to go...
Volunteers are geared up, T-Shirts look awesome, the initiative is complete. We are ready to go!

If you plan on attending the event, please join us for a conference call this evening (Wed May 17). Reach out to for more details.

Join us along with internationally known peace activist Cindy Sheehan as we file a new California Independence initiative with the state. The CFC will be hosting a lunch at 12:00p on May 19th at the State Capitol park. All are welcome to join.
We will be in the Park, near the Fish Pond, across the street from Starbucks at the corner of 12th and L streets.
RSVP and follow the event on Facebook for more information:
The CFC has announced full support of California HB 562 Single Payer Healthcare for all. We hope to march in solidarity on May 19th with Healthy California and the California Nurses Association.
For more information, including transportation options to/from Sacramento, please contact: Steve Gonzales
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