Monday, May 8, 2017

My Statement at the Launch of the People's Congress of Resistance by Cindy Sheehan)


Hello Friends and Comrades,

I am honored to be included in this movement with other activists who have long recognized that identity politics are bogus and are holding the movement back from true change for all workers.  I have a personal guideline, that I will only work with groups, or on efforts that are serious in the intent of smashing the US empire.

In fact, unknowingly, or knowingly, people who rely on identity politics and only focus on the current outrages of the Trump administration, forgetting that the Obama regime was just a continuation of longstanding imperialist policies, are holding the revolution back.

Also, we, as true revolutionaries cannot allow people like the war criminal Hillary Clinton to define the “resistance” for us. Recently, Clinton claimed that she was joining the “resistance,” and of course, what that means, is only resistance to the Trump regime or the Republican Party. This gives many liberals permission to forego the struggle to end capitalism and imperialism in favor of Get Out the Vote efforts for the equally bad, if not worse, Democrat Party.

As the call for the People’s Congress of Resistance states, the US Congress have long been the representatives of Wall Street and the war machine and with the stranglehold of a Unitary political system where the distinction between the two parties is for all intents and purposes, non-existent, it’s time for people to recognize this and join with each other in opposition to not just Trumpism, but the entire imperialist system that allowed Trump to ascend and replace another able servant of Empire, Barack Obama: this Obama, who bragged about being at war for all 8 years of his regime and who is now profiting from Wall Street speeches. Do you think Wall Street would be rewarding him with such largesse if he wasn’t good for business? We know his regime consistently bailed out Wall Street and the banks while at the same time literally kicking the people to the curb.

We with this resistance don’t pretend to have all the answers to the problems that have been laid out very well, but in a true grassroots, community driven way, we hope to achieve something that includes the elevation of all workers no matter what political or class division they would identify with.

As our eco-systems are collapsing due to capitalist profit and exploitation we recognize that committed struggle against the systems of oppression is much harder than opportunistic protests, or “opposition,” but in the end we must wage this existential struggle for the present and future of human life. I think that is a struggle worth fighting, don’t you?

I see the effort of the People’s Congress of Resistance, not as a non-partisan effort, but A-partisan. I believe we need an entirely different system here in the US if the nation and by extension, the world has any chance of  survival. And this is not something that can be put off, or use the other stale old concept of “incrementalism,” we need to act yesterday, not be hope-no-tized with the enticement that, even if the entire Congress turned Democrat in 2018 that anything would be changed for the better for the people. We have recent history that shows us otherwise.

As Marx said, if we the people unite, the only thing we have to lose is our chains, yet we have a world to gain.

I am excited to go forward with this effort.

Again, thanks for being here and giving me the opportunity to be part of this principled action.



  1. I'm onboard. Took me a while to get curious, ask questions, focus and commit but I'm here. Peace, thanks, honorable sister.

  2. We need to come together and this may be the group that can pull that off. We in Portland, Oregon need help and can offer our desire to end this terrible empire.

  3. I'm pretty fed up with "identity politics" too which does seem to be a big distraction from patriarchal violence and control of most of the institutions of the world. I see this group does support "LGBTQ organizers fighting back against bigotry" which is great, as long as they are running around saying "Die TERF die" at any woman who doubts even the slightest bit of their ideology. (And many of us doubt more than that!) However, no matter their good intentions, unless this group is explicitly against state capitalism (which creates and subsidizes most big corporations) and state bureaucratic control it sounds like just one more group that conniving bureaucrats and patriarchal powerseekers will end up controlling, should it even take power. More big bureaucracies, more deep states. (Even the libertarians are constantly fighting against those types and half of them are anarchists!) If I wasn't so busy the last year promoting women's right to control their reproductive rights I would have updated my "woman vs. the nation state" article by now. It's always a struggle for women to be free!

  4. FYI, originally came here cause just watched this Diane Mason Mothers Day 2006/Code Pink video in which you are a "co-star". Assume you showed it when it came out couple years ago, but just in case you might want to blog it this mothers day. Have been sending it around Women's March FB groups cause they need to see it!!!

  5. OOPS! Link


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