The Global Front to Resist Imperialism Zionism and Saudi Terrorist Regime (SIGN-ON)

A group of Yemeni and Arab political activists and Human Rights NGOs in cooperation with the Intifada Conference of Tehran and the Arab & Islamic Forum in Support of Resistance, have launched the International Campaign to boycott, Indict and Sanction the Saudi Terrorist Regime for its crimes against humanity and violations of International law.

The Global Front to Resist Imperialism, Zionism and Saudi Terrorist Regime

The Zionist Colonial regime in Palestine and the terrorist Saudi regime are results of the division of the Arab homeland in order to serve the imperial global capitalist system and its hegemony over the energy resources and strategic passage routes of the region. 

Whereas the Zionist Colonial regime provides a military, hi-tech and advanced security base for the imperialist powers, the terrorist Saudi regime provides financing, training, and arming of tens of thousands of mercenary forces. Both have finally joined efforts through political, diplomatic, intelligence & military ties. They both fear for their mere existence, especially after several defeats, while creating millions of victims and refugees, and the destruction of Syria, Libya, Iraq, Yemen and occupied Palestine.


We support Yemen against the US-Saudi led atrocities upon Yemeni civilians, mostly women, children and elderly, and the intentional destruction of their heritage and infrastructure. Clearly, both the Zionist colonial and the terrorist Saudi regimes and their masters pose a constant threat to regional & international peace, security & prosperity.

These terrorist states must be held accountable for their crimes: 

1- The Saudi regime supported the British Colonial power schemes in assisting the Zionist terrorist gangs with arms, training and eventually waging a war against indigenous Palestinian people which resulted in bloody massacres and forced a million people to exile reaching over seven million today who are still targeted in their refugee camps in Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and their temporary refuge states all over the globe.

2- The Saudi role in the 1956 war against Egypt by British, French and Zionist forces.

3- Its role in the 1967 Zionist colonial regime expansionist  war against Egypt, Syria and Jordan which led to occupying all of Palestine, Sinai and Golan Heights.

4- The Saudi use of political money to extort and blackmail heads of state and liberation movements and leaders (e.g. PLO) to carry out US agendas in the Arab homeland and as far as Nicaragua, Angola, Mozambique, Mali, Chad, Nigeria, Bosnia/Herzegovina.

5- The Saudi role in 1976 Lebanese civil war (e.g. theTel el-Zaatar massacre against the Palestinians) which lasted for 15 years, the 1978 Litani invasion, the 1982 Zionist war of aggression and invasion of Lebanon led by the terrorist Ariel Sharon.

6- Their implicated role in the Madrid and later the 1993 Oslo accords orchestrated by Bandar Bin Sultan to form a Palestinian autonomy which maintains the occupation and the Zionist project and continuous aggression actions against Palestinians.

7- Zionist / Saudi genocidal wars against the Palestinian people in Gaza in 2008, 2012, 2014 and the continuous blockade of Gaza.

8- Their leading role in the seven-year proxy war against Libya, Syria, Iraq and Yemen.

9- Their continuous terrorist threat to other countries such as Egypt, Tunisia and Algeria and their occupation of Bahrain.

These crimes, causing misery and loss of life to millions also prove the dysfunction of the UN as an international organization, due to manipulation by the US and its satellite states regardless of the efforts of other UNSC members’ efforts to the contrary.

It is time for human rights organizations, political activists & peace movements to form a global network that unites and organizes their efforts in coordination with other targeted countries' peace organizations in order to stop the terrorist states from pursuing their heinous actions which are a threat to all people other than the usurpers.

The Steering Committee
Beirut, Lebanon

March 2017

The steering committee is looking for peace and social justice activists and organizations to sign on to this statement.

If you wish, please contact Amal Wahdan at:

or WhatsApp: 
970 597 061 775


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