Sunday, April 15, 2018

Cindy Sheehan's Statement for Spring Action Against War

Dear comrades, brothers and sisters, and friends,

I am sorry I was not able to attend this important event today—-I just got home from a 10 day organizing trip for the Women’s March on the Pentagon (scheduled for October 21st later this year) and on the final day of the trip in Lancaster PA, I fell down and banged myself up.

As you all probably know, the US is involved in imperialist wars of aggression in seven countries and has about 1000 military bases in over 140 countries: if that’s not an evil empire I don’t know what is.

The organizers for the Women’s March on the Pentagon, of which I am the chair, believe that a new antiwar movement that is a-partisan and against both wings of the War Bird in Congress and the White House urgently needs to arise.

Barack Obama, who bragged about “being good at killing” took the two wars of the Bush-Cheney regime and turned them into seven, because he was not just an imperialist, but an over-achieving imperialist. For the most part, during the Obama years, there was little movement in the movement, with even Democrat lawmakers going along with his crimes.

Now Trump is proving his imperialist credentials to the neocons and generals in his regime and the world is suffering from the seeds of destruction sown by global imperialism led by the US war machine. Imperialist wars of aggression are illegal and immoral no matter if Congress gets a chance to debate and vote on them or not. Not one act of aggression the US is currently engaged in is for “national security,” and, in fact, brings insecurity, poverty, and environmental destruction here in the US and abroad.

The movement needs to catch up from over eight years of dormancy and I hope the protests this weekend can be the launching pad for a rebirth that is a principled and non-partisan struggle against imperialism that is not just another get out the vote energy for Democrats but with righteous demands to end all imperialist wars of aggression by the US and the US’s partners in crime: Israel, Saudi Arabia, and other murderous regimes.

Please go to for more information about the Women’s March on the Pentagon.

Thank you to UNAC for its strong call to action and the Bay Area organizers for making this happen!

In struggle together to peace, justice, environmental sustainability and economic equality. 




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