Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Civil Assistance at Women’s March on the Pentagon by Cindy Sheehan and TeamWMOP

Civil Assistance at Women’s March on the Pentagon 
Cindy Sheehan

We organizers of the Women’s March on the Pentagon had planned from the beginning for our action at the Pentagon on Oct. 21st to end with some act of civil resistance, or civil disobedience.

Going to the Pentagon and seeing where we will be, there really is no act of civil resistance there on that day that makes sense, and as someone who has been arrested more than 20 times, most of the time those arrests are “symbolic.”

Through our Steering Committee, we came up with the ideology of Civil ASSISTANCE: real acts of aid and support that would help people in our communities who suffer because of the bloated and indecent US war machine budget.

To that end, instead of planning a symbolic “risk arrest” action on Sunday, October 21st, we are organizing an act of Civil Assistance to feed the homeless in a park in Washington DC on Monday, October 22nd. (The March/Rally will still go on as planned, just the Civil Assistance act is moving to Monday the 22nd). 

If you have been to DC within the last 10 years, we are sure you have noticed the increase in the homeless population and tents popping up on sidewalks merely blocks from the White House. It is against the “law” in dozens of US cities to feed homeless people which is an abomination in and of itself, so our act of Civil Assistance is also a very principled act of Civil Resistance. Also, our act of Civil Assistance in DC could turn out to be a “risk arrest” action. Imperial goons are very adverse to helping people help other people.

We are not divulging our exact plans yet, because we found out that the Powers that Be certainly keep tabs of our social media and website and we don’t want them to have more information than necessary, but, as with The Women’s March on the Pentagon, we hope our program of Civil Assistance spreads and we begin to create the world that we want to see instead of waiting around for an insane and murderous government to do it for us!

If you are not going to be in the Washington DC area, please organize your own act of Civil Assistance that day (Oct 22). It doesn’t have to be feeding homeless people, perhaps your immediate community has a different need?

Let us know if you plan on joining us in DC for Civil Assistance, or if you are planning an act in your community.


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