Friday, November 30, 2018

#IlluminateYemen: Rolling Hunger Strike for Yemen

The humanitarian crisis (genocide) in Yemen is worsening, despite some weak, toothless bill proposed in the US Senate. 

We, the people who can think outside of our own borders and immediate circles of concern need to step up our efforts!


So, this is my final day of my hunger strike for Yemen---after I got really ill during the toxic air bombardment of Northern California, it became more of a very low calorie fast, then a liquid fast, and one I will continue indefinitely. 

There are still many wonderful humans fasting and India Weeks pledged to take over from me on December 1st and she is still going to. She and others have asked me for tips on what to do while on the hunger strike.

I have sent $50/week (grocery savings) to aid the Yemeni and (Women's) March on the Pentagon is collecting money throughout the month of December to send for Yemeni aid at the end of the year.


(Women's) March on the Pentagon has very informative page on our website about the situation in Yemen that you can use to share with friends, family, contacts, enemies, etc.


(Women's) March on the Pentagon has a petition to sign (even though we think petitions are the least of what we can do, we feel this issue is very important) that can be shared.


Most people have gone on juice only/clear broth hunger strikes. Also, add a pinch of sea salt to your water for essential minerals.


Be gentle with yourself and take some food if you feel your health is being compromised. In any case, we honor your commitment to the people of Yemen, and your compassion for those being harmed by the actions of the US Empire and its lackeys. 


We are not medical providers, so we take no responsibility for health issues--if you are concerned, check with your health practitioner.




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