One Big Happy War Party: US Hands off Venezuela by Cindy Sheehan

One Big Happy War Party
US Hands off Venezuela
Cindy Sheehan

Nothing has been frying my bacon more lately than when noted “lefties” or so-called progressive politicians who oppose the US and its partners in crime sanctioning other countries, but then turn around and absolutely support the Empire’s reasons for doing so.

For example, Democrat Congressional Representatives Ro Khanna of California and Pramila Jayapal of Washington recently jointly composed a “Dear Colleague” letter to have their ilk in Congress sign on to. While the D.C. letter has a good beginning, opposing sanctions and possible military intervention it degenerates quickly into supporting the lies of the Trump regime:

“We strongly condemn the Maduro government’s actions, including repression of Venezuelan civil society, failed economic policy, the killing of unarmed protestors, disregard for the rule of law, the holding of unfair elections, and blocking humanitarian aid from entering the country.”

Let us dissect this deceitful paragraph. My first thought is, why would a decent person not oppose this “Maduro” with all of his/her heart? I mean, he sounds like a real “dictator,” right? Wrong!

How any US Congressperson could legitimately question the “repression of civil society” in another country where they live/work in one where cops regularly murder mostly men of color with total impunity, is one thing, but their claim is absolutely false. Venezuela has a free civil society that takes profound ownership of politics and social programs. If civil society were so “repressed,” why are there so many people wearing the color of the revolution out in the streets supporting the government and so few white supremacists in Venezuela supporting the traitorous self-installed government?

In the first paragraph of this D.C. letter Khanna and Jayapal state: “Furthermore, the President’s (Trump) recent economic sanctions threaten to exacerbate the country’s grave economic crisis, causing immense suffering for the most vulnerable in society who bear no responsibility for the situation in the country.”

U.S. sanctions, a blockade, the stealing of Venezuelan assets by
Some of the nearly 3 million low-income housing units built in Vz.
Great Britain and the US, are almost totally responsible for the “failed economic policy” the authors lament in the second paragraph. Of course, that sentence is an attack on socialism and the very fact that even in the crisis, the people of Venezuela are housed and they are fed: Unlike the gross policies of the imperialistic government that they represent. Here, in the US about one million children go to bed hungry every night and the Trump regime and its “left cover” dare to criticize Venezuela?

The claim that Maduro is “killing unarmed protesters” is very devious, because, yes, protesters have been killed, but the opposition consistently calls for violence when protesting the government of the Bolivarian Revolution. I wonder how many protesters would be slaughtered here in the US if we went to all of our rallies armed to the teeth? The opposition in Venezuela even has been filmed burning a government supporter by dousing him with gasoline and burning him over 80% of his body. The opposition in Venezuela has long been in so-called cahoots with the US in supporting non-peaceful means of protest and change.

The paragraph goes on to detail Maduro’s “disregard for the law.” Which law would that be? President Maduro has been doing a heroic job of trying to hold the legacy of Chavismo and the Bolivarian Revolution together. I think, maybe, it might be against the law to declare oneself president and then have the criminals in Washington DC back him up? What “rule of law” allows for the unelected usurpation of power?

The accusation of holding “unfair elections” is so laughable, I won’t even address it here for long, except to say that some of the Venezuelan opposition boycotted the last election, so that’s an issue of cutting off one's nose to spite one's face. We could also have many pages of how unfair the US elections are, but this is only a short article.

Venezuela is not in a humanitarian crisis, therefore it does not need “humanitarian aid.” Recent history in Libya and Syria shows us how “wonderful” US humanitarian intervention is. Why is it a crime for Venezuela not to accept a Trojan horse aid package, delivered by special forces and coming from the direction of the US’s evil buddy in the region, Colombia? While the US is sending unneeded or unwanted aid to Venezuela, maybe it should stop by Haiti or Puerto Rico on the way back and put the aid where it is really needed?

The letter closes with perhaps the most disgusting claim yet: “Further, threats and involvement in Venezuela’s domestic affairs by the U.S. are counterproductive as they play into the Venezuelan government’s narrative that the opposition is a proxy for the U.S.”

Since Hugo Chávez Frias became president of Venezuela in 1998 and immediately fulfilled his promise to have the people write their own Constitution and its provisions for social improvements were being rapidly instituted, the USA has had the Bolivarian Revolution in its crosshairs.

The US has not only openly supported previous opposition leaders but has dumped tens of millions of dollars into opposition politicians and NGO through USAID and the National Endowment for Democracy.

Under the criminal Bush regime, the US supported the violent, attempted coup of the-President Hugo Chávez in 2002. The Venezuelan government has this “narrative” only for the very important reason that it’s true. The US even rapidly supported the traitor Juan Guaidó—Trump and Pence sending support (monetary and material) and even the Rapist of Haiti Bill Clinton got into the act, tweeting:

The heartbreaking violence in Venezuela must stop. I stand with President @JGuaido, the National Assembly, and the people of #Venezuela as they embrace their right to live in peace, choose their leaders, and decide their future, in harmony with their neighbors.

War Criminals of a Feather

The best way for Venezuela to “live in peace” is for people like Clinton to quit flapping his despicable jaws and for the US to let it live in peace. Remember all the times Clinton spread “democracy” and “peace” to such places as Iraq, Somalia, and Rwanda, in Bosnia, Herzegovina, and Kosovo in the former Yugoslavia, and in Haiti while is was POTUS? Having Clinton yammering about “democracy” in Venezuela and standing with an illegitimate president is so hypocritical, it goes beyond the definition.

Now, of course, opposing sanctions (or even worse, military intervention) is the good and correct thing to do, but it’s my opinion that we cannot also spout the now prevalent formula of “Mr. X is an evil dictator who murders his own people, but the US should not meddle.”

Of course, Trump did not begin the US program of complete dominance of our neighbors in Central and South America (and the Caribbean), it began with the Monroe Doctrine in the 1800s.

Like I said above Venezuela has been of special interest to the Empire since Chavez was elected in 1998.

The gains of the Bolivarian Revolution have been nothing but stunning since then: the income gap in Venezuela has narrowed; people have been educated and their health (including dental and vision) taken care of; housing and food became human rights instead of privileges for the wealthy; and much more.

Not only were these vast in scope social programs implemented, but the people of Venezuela were empowered to have a say in their government. For example, the only way the Bolivarian constitution can be amended is through public referendums. Conversely and realistically, only the elitists can amend the constitution of the Empire, or just use loopholes and their money to subvert it at every opportunity.

Chávez was a champion of not only the people of Venezuela but brought a new standard of life to Cuba, recognizing Fidel Castro as the great leader he was and recognizing Cuba as a force for good in the world. The Cuban-Venezuelan alliance brought doctors, professors, and engineers to Venezuela to help fulfill the social programs and Venezuela sent beef and oil. Citgo oil (under the leadership of Chávez) was the only oil company to answer the call for low-cost heating oil for poor people in the Northeast of North America.

I spent time traveling in Latin America with President Chávez and saw the universal love and respect he received. The USA's programs of constant harassment and coup attempts did not work against Chávez because not only was he a popular leader, but he was the democratically elected leader of the sovereign Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

After Hugo Chávez died of a very aggressive form of cancer, Nicolás Maduro was elected to the presidency after a short term of interim presidency. Maduro was handpicked by Chávez to be his successor, and, in my opinion, only an insane person, or someone who was devoted to his friend and dedicated to the Revolution would want to fill those shoes.

Maduro is NOT a “dictator,” (he has been elected in legitimate and transparent elections—the last one by 67%) nor is he corrupt or incompetent. Since he took over the reins of the government, he has not had one moment of peace from the opposition in Venezuela which is fully supported and funded by the US Empire. Besides stealing the assets of Venezuela, the Evil Empire has placed numerous economic sanctions and diplomatic restrictions on what it calls a “state sponsor of terror.” The US has been helped by its puppet in the region: Colombia.

We should strongly condemn the USA’s recent attempts at further destabilization in Venezuela when the corrupt and vicious Trump regime “recognized” the traitorous, counter-revolutionary, Guaidó as the legitimate leader of Venezuela by executive decree. By international law, the USA is the largest “state sponsor of terror” and the Trump regime has little support in the USA, so why should its decrees be accepted internationally?

According to journalist John Pilger, the US has overthrown 67 leaders in Latin America, but I don’t think Maduro will be #68: Maduro and the people of Venezuela are not backing down. Will Trump and his neocons Bolton and Elliot Abrams risk a full-scale invasion, because that it what it will take, and of course, the people will suffer further.

Top: Chavista Constituent Assembly. Bottom political party of Guaidó

As for the traitor Juan Guiadó, he has illegitimately appointed a new board of directors to the state oil company PDVSA and is apparently in Colombia right now mustering counter-revolutionary support. Until the USA recognized this putschist, only people in the traitor's district had ever heard of him and he was only "head" of the National Assembly because it was his turn. 

Interestingly enough, the traitor, Juan, has also said that he would "renew" diplomatic relations with Israel and the illegitimate state of Israel jumped right on board to recognize another bastard. Venezuela cut ties in 2009 over the Israeli ongoing genocice in Gaza. Also, on April 27, 2009, Venezuelan foreign minister Nicolas Maduro met with Palestinian National Authority foreign affairs minister Riyad al-Maliki in Caracas, where formal diplomatic relations were established. 

Opposition Rally in Caracas

As for the legitimate government of Venezuela, we all should proudly stand with President Maduro, and the people of Venezuela, who, after being empowered by the Bolivarian Revolution will refuse to descend back into poverty and tyranny. We cannot be like the fake lefties above who pretend to oppose intervention, while listing very good reasons for intervention, only if they were true.

We should all courageously oppose US mis-leadership in the Democrat and Republican parties; especially Trump's new crop of neo-cons: John Bolton and Elliot Abrams!

US bloody hands off of Venezuela—and everywhere else!

Long live the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela. 




  1. Too bad the US does not support a government by the people, for all people, and in the support of ALL people. Thanks for all you do Cindy!

  2. How do I argue effectively and command evidence in support of Venezuela when my family has been persuaded by the regime change and probusiness propaganda?


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