Sunday, February 9, 2020

Weird Week in Review (SOAPBOX PODCAST FEBRUARY 9, 2020)

 February 9, 2020

Guest: Don DeBar
Topic: Political analysis of Weird U.S. Politricks
This week, Cindy chats with alternative media host and producer, Don DeBar about the past week that was jam-packed with political weirdness.
From the cluster-fudge in Iowa to the debacle of impeachment with the sandwich filling of the State of the Union, it appears that both major political parties connected to war and Wall Street are out of control.
Please listen to Cindy and Don's analysis of this
Circus of the Absurd.


  1. Hi Cindy, I just subscribed to your Podcast on my iphone, but the latest episode is dated June 2, 2019. Where can I find this podcast from February 9, 2020? - Masood

    1. The itunes thing isn't working great right now, but you can click the temple-like thing on the above player (in the post) and download the show. Thanks


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